NBA Cheerleader Leaves On Stretcher After Taking Faceplant During Routine

NBA Cheerleader Leaves On Stretcher After Taking Faceplant

An Atlanta Hawks cheerleader left on a stretcher from Monday night’s game after slipping and hitting her head during a dance routine in the second half of a game against the Dallas Mavericks.

The cheerleader, named Kristen, was taken to Atlanta Medical Center where she was examined by physicians and later released. Kristen is part of a pair of identical twins on the Hawks dance team.

On the team’s website, Kristen noted that she majored in Early Childhood Education at the University of Houston and aside from her cheering duties is a full-time Pre-K teacher.

After Kristen went hard to the ground during the routine and hit her head and neck, the cheerleader was taken out on a stretcher as a precaution. The incident caused a brief delay between the third and fourth quarters of the game.

After the game, Atlanta Hawks coach Larry Drew made reference to the accident and gave reporters and update on Kristen’s condition.

“Our best wishes are with the cheerleader who had the incident on the court,” Drew said to start his postgame press conference. “She is doing well, from what I’m told. We are hoping that she is OK and are keeping things in perspective.”

Here is video of the incident that led the cheerleader to be taken out on a stretcher:

This is the second instance this season of an NBA cheerleader being taken out on a stretcher after an accident. In November, a member of the Orlando Magic dance team fell face-first into the ground and lay motionless on the ground for several minutes.

The cheerleader, Jamie Woode, was thrown into the air but her male partner couldn’t catch her. The crowd let out an audible gasp when Woode hit the floor, and paramedics took the cheerleader out on a stretcher to a local hospital.