‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Charlotte Appears To Have Figured Out Nik’s Identity

Charlotte runs into a familiar face once again.

General Hospital star Scarlett Fernandez.
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC Press

Charlotte runs into a familiar face once again.

Not many people know that Nikolas Cassadine is alive and well on ABC’s General Hospital. Jax and Hayden are his partners in crime, but then Carly found out, and now Nina and Ava have as well. But there is someone else who could blow the whistle on his whole plan, and that is Charlotte Cassadine. Valentin’s daughter is one smart little girl and she doesn’t take to intimidation very well, as Soap Central has hinted.

Charlotte found Nik lurking about at Wyndemere a few weeks ago, but he smoothed things over with her by saying that he was hired by her dad as a bodyguard. She believed him then, but things have changed a bit since then. When she was having lunch with Lulu not too long ago, she just happened to run upon a photo of the Cassadine prince on her mom’s phone. Nik is Lulu’s brother, and that makes him Charlotte’s uncle. She didn’t mention anything to Lulu about what she saw as that would have blown his cover quickly.

In the General Hospital previews for Friday, Charlotte is seen looking at someone and saying that she knows who they are, whispering those words so no one hears her. The face of the person she is talking to isn’t shown, but it’s more than likely that she is talking to Nikolas. She appears to have figured out that he is definitely not a bodyguard like he said he was.

Nik’s identity may be revealed if Charlotte decides to tattle on him to her father. What story will he come up with now to keep the girl from spilling his secret? The spoilers also tease that Nina will be left speechless by something. It could be that she will discover her stepdaughter talking to the person who is supposed to be dead.

Nina is seeking revenge on Valentin. She has also recently teamed up with Ava to bring not only her fiance down, but Nik as well. Nina may be the only one who could talk Charlotte into keeping his identity quiet.

Nina will be consulting with Jax also on Friday’s General Hospital. They will be discussing her plan with Valentin to destroy him. But will Nik’s name be brought up as well? He has been Jax’s house guest for some time now and just like with Carly, Nik may just pop into view during her visit with Jax.

Nikolas’ cover could be blown sky-high since there are even more people now who know that he is alive. Charlotte is the one who he may have more to worry about the most.