Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Jax And Nina May Trade Secrets And Fully Align

Ingo Rademacher plays Jasper Jax on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

Spoilers for Friday’s episode of General Hospital suggest that Jasper Jax and Nina Reeves may find themselves ready to fully confide in one another. Jax and Nina have already traded some intriguing secrets in recent weeks, but a major one still hides under the surface. Will they soon talk about Nikolas Cassadine and the truth about his return to Port Charles?

Jax has known for quite some time now that Nik is alive, as they have been working together to take down Valentin Cassadine. Nina has admitted to Jax that she is no longer fooled by her “fiance,” and she knows that Valentin orchestrated the mess with Sasha.

In addition, Nina came to realize when visiting Ava Jerome at Shadybrook that Nikolas might still be alive. Nina and Ava have reluctantly joined forces with the goal of destroying both Nik and Valentin. At the moment, however, they don’t have real proof that Nikolas is alive and in Port Charles.

Nina and Ava know that Jax and Laura have wanted the portrait of Helena, and Nina knows that Valentin is desperate to find it, too. Will Nina connect all the dots and ask Jax about Nik?

General Hospital spoilers hint that this may happen. The sneak peek for Friday’s show indicates that Jax and Nina will meet up for a chat, and it looks like they will get a bit conspiratorial.

At some point in the conversation, Jax will say that Nina must be troubled by “that” possibility. Could it be that they are either talking about Valentin potentially losing the Cassadine fortune or her suspicion about Nikolas?

It could be that this discussion travels down an entirely different path. However, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that something will have Nina stunned during Friday’s episode.

By the sounds of things, this may carry over into next Monday’s show. Jax will be surprised by something, and Nina is said to learn the truth. It certainly seems like this all connects to Nikolas.

As Jax and Nina do this little dance around one another, Laura and Curtis will continue their quest to find Mikkos’ codicil. General Hospital spoilers detail that Curtis will mention that it’s time they take a look closer to home. Laura looks intrigued by this statement, and fans will be curious to see what he has in mind.

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week ahead will have a lot of additional action on this front. This Cassadine situation has become a very tangled web for everybody involved, and it sounds as if it will all come to a head quite soon.