Thursday ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Expresses Regrets To Willow As He’s Overwhelmed By Guilt

Parry Shen stars on 'General Hospital' as Brad
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

Fans have a lot to look forward to on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that everybody will see more of the aftermath from Brad and Lucas’ accident and it looks like Brad will be wallowing in guilt over all that has happened.

As viewers know, Brad managed to come out of the accident with fairly minor injuries. However, his husband Lucas remains in a coma. The two men had been fighting before the accident and Brad even dropped the bombshell about Wiley really being Jonah.

Now, Brad is beside himself and overwhelmed by feelings of regret, guilt, and grief.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek posted on Instagram show that Brad will spend some time talking to Willow. She will be sympathetic to his fragile feelings because she has no idea that he is hiding an enormous secret from her as well. As far as she knows, he is one of the loving fathers of the son she placed for adoption.

During this upcoming conversation, Brad will tell Willow that he wishes he could take back everything that led up to the car accident. Granted, he cannot tell her the entire truth, which will prove difficult for him, as the baby swap bombshell is central to the guilt he is carrying.

Willow will surely do everything she can to lend Brad support as he works through these feelings. General Hospital spoilers have not yet revealed much regarding when Lucas will wake up — if he ever does. However, SheKnows Soaps suggests that Michael will continue to care for Wiley for now.

As all this is happening, Nelle is angling to get her hands on her son. General Hospital spoilers tease Thursday’s episode will show fans what comes next from Nelle and Ryan’s plan to get her out of Pentonville. Chances are good that this scheme will lead to some crazy developments soon.

Will Nelle be taken to General Hospital after being “attacked” by Ryan? If she is, and Brad sees her there, his anxiety will likely escalate in spades. In previous discussions, she has taunted Brad about Jonah but she has not really outright indicated she intends to take her son back. Soon, she might stop playing coy.

Brad is always anxious that Nelle could blow his secret wide open and it looks as if that might happen soon. General Hospital spoilers haven’t hinted at too much about how or when this baby swap reveal will finally occur, but all signs point toward big developments coming soon.