AppLoop iPhone App Generator: High Wow Factor

Mobile analytics and advertising provider AppLoop have entered the iPhone applications space with a new tool that allows anyone to create their on iPhone app from an existing website.

AppLoop’s App Generator is focused on delivering an experience anyone can easily use, while delivering a strong end result. Unlike some traditional web based solutions (such as WordPress plugins), each application can be easily customized. Along with the ability to add multiple feeds, users can comments, ratings, and even content sharing options (options to share content on Twitter, Facebook etc).

Although the direct everyday non-programmer benefits are clear, the company was actually seeking to address a more interesting issue: only 3% of developers know how to program Cocoa (the language behind iPhone apps), so this product is about giving developers better access as well.

The service is starting with the iPhone, but will add other platforms in the future, with an Android version currently in the works.

I first saw this product a couple of days ago, but wasn’t allowed to write about it. I missed the ok email last night (my time) so we’re late to the story today, but I still wanted to write about it for the same reason I did the first time I saw it: wow. There’s not many tools that get a wow out of me, but this is one of them. The video below walks you through the service, and it shows just how well thought out this service is, and the huge potential it may have. I’m looking forward to designing my first app with it (closed beta only at this stage, but you can register your interest here)

iPhone Application Generator Demo from AppLoop on Vimeo.