Selena Gomez Does The Dirty On Justin Bieber With Letterman [Video]

Selena Gomez Says She Made Justin Bieber Cry

Selena Gomez unleashed a timely zinger on David Letterman’s late night show on Monday, when she told millions that she had made her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber cry.

The 20-year-old Disney alum made the extraordinary boast while promoting her new film Spring Breakers, in which she runs around in a bikini with co-stars James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

Appearing on Late Show With David Letterman, Gomez was asked by the 65-year-old veteran host if she was seeing anyone. “No, not yet,” the starlet replied.

Then Letterman mentioned Bieber, who has also been a guest on the show, with a rambling introduction designed to deliver Gomez to her money shot reveal.

“The last time he [Bieber] was on,” said Letterman. “We got into a conversation, and he said something and I said something and he said something and I said something, and I made him cry.”

Quick as a flash, Gomez picked up her cue.

“Well then, that makes two of us,” she quipped, while Letterman laughed and the two fist-bumped.

For such household names remarkably little is known about why Gomez and Bieber split. According to some sources, the actress disapproved of her then boyfriend’s friendship with rapper Lil Twist and Chris Brown, while others cite schedules as a reason for their break-up.

The couple reportedly called time on their two year relationship in November. Less than three weeks after the pair separated, Gomez performed at a private concert for UNICEF and sang another’s Justin’s brokenhearted ode “Cry Me A River.”

At the time she introduced the song to the crowd, saying: “I’ve been through a lot the past few months. It’s been weird and sad and cool,” before adding, “this song definitely speaks to me.”

A source at the same event reportedly said Gomez “seemed so angry” during her performance.

For his part, Bieber openly admits that his ballad “Nothing Like Us” which features on his 2013 Believe Acoustic album is about his relationship with Gomez.

In that song, the second verse asks: “I gave you everything, baby/Everything I had to give/Girl, why would you push me away?” then sings “Tell me: was it worth it? We were so perfect/Baby I just want you to see.”

Whatever the reasons for the split, it certainly seems as if Gomez has an angry axe to grind. In a recent interview with US Weekly, she said of her upcoming album.

“I’m a little bit more mouthy [now]. I’m a little bit older. I’ve got a little more sass. [I’m] telling a lot more, too.”

More recently, eyebrows were raised when a baggily dressed Gomez seemingly ‘dissed’ Bieber in a YouTube dance clip backed by Dustin Tavella’s “Everybody Knows.” With a lyric tag of “Your boyfriend is a douchebag/ And everybody knows,” it certainly got tongues wagging.

Previous “reports” had stated that during Bieber’s now legendary “rough week” in London, his mother Patti Mallette and manager Scooter” Braun were trying to engineer a reunion between Gomez and the 19-year-old.

It’s probably fairly safe to assume that won’t be happening any time soon, if indeed it ever was.

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