WWE News: Vince McMahon Files Even More Trademarks For Old ECW And WCW Event Names

Danny Cox

Vince McMahon and his company are looking into the future, but there are some things from the past that WWE wants to hold on to. Last month, a few trademarks were filed for old event names from both ECW and WCW, but it seems the company was far from finished. WWE has now filed for even more trademarks from both of those defunct promotions -- far more than many would have imagined.

Cody Rhodes filed trademarks for Bash at the Beach along with a couple of other old WCW event names recently, apparently wanting to use them for All Elite Wrestling, WWE's new competitor. Seeing as how Dusty Rhodes created many of the names for these old WCW shows, it isn't a surprise that Cody would like to use them for AEW.

Bash at the Beach will be used for two themed episodes of Dynamite in January.

Just last month, WWE filed trademarks for a few events from ECW and a couple from WCW as well. On December 6, however, a lot more trademarks were filed for old-school event names from the past. It's not yet known what the promotion will do with them. It may just be that McMahon is filing them to prevent Rhodes from having them.

PW Insider provided the full list of event names that WWE has chosen to trademark. Longtime wrestling fans will remember many of these events, but some may be obscure to even the most dedicated fan of the older promotions.

Events such as New Blood Rising, Souled Out, and Uncensored will be remembered from the days of the New World Order in WCW. Chi-Town Rumble took place one time back in February 1989 and it was headlined by an NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match between Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair.

A number of the other events are from the days of Extreme Championship Wrestling, and it isn't surprising that WWE has grabbed trademarks on some of those. With the big role that Paul Heyman now has as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw and his on-air role with Brock Lesnar, the former ECW head could end up doing something with his old shows.

WWE hasn't revealed what they're going to do with these trademarks and they could simply be used for specials and home releases. There is also the possibility that they could end up using them for their own pay-per-view events in the future. At the same time, it would not be out of the question for Vince McMahon to want to keep as much nostalgia away from Cody Rhodes and AEW as possible too.