Bad football teams, make bad decisions

I think we are going to have to face some facts, facts that their is an ever aging group of NFL owners out there whose best years are behind them. While they struggle to bring their teams back to some sort of relevance, their fan bases learn a little more each and every day that they are simply unable to do so. It is not surprising hat the AFL celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009, and many of the owners I speak of are original AFL owners, or owners from that era.

This brings me to Ralph Wilson, and the Buffalo Bills. Ralph is an aging owner, who’s time with the club is near its end, the team probably will not stay in Buffalo long after Wilson is gone, but the questionable decisions being made there are hard to swallow. The latest one is the hiring of Chan Gailey as their new Head Coach.

Gailey is what we sports journalist call a retread. He was the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys for two years and had a respectable record of 18-14, but has never won a NFL playoff game as head coach. Essentially they replaced Dick Jauron with another Dick Jauron. This is not an upgrade, but change just for the sake of change. It makes little sense.

Personally I don’t care for Gailey all that much. In my estimation a guy is either a Defensive coach, or an offensive coach. It is very hard to be really good at both. However in Gailey’s career he has tried to do both. In his College career he was a defensive coach, once he reached the pro’s, he tried to be an Offensive coach. The offenses he ran in the NFL were in the top half of the league while with the Miami Dolphins (2000-2001) and with the Denver Broncos (1989-1990), but he had two hall of fame QB’s running those offenses for him. That is not the case in Buffalo. This has disaster written all over it.

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