Mackenzie McKee’s Daughter, Jaxie, Wears Late ‘Grangie’ Angie Douthit’s Chemo Hat At Christmas Concert

Mackenzie McKeeInstagram

Mackenzie McKee brought many of her fans to tears with her latest Instagram post. The Teen Mom OG star posted a photo with her kids and dad at her children’s annual Christmas concert. However, “Grangie” Angie Douthit passed away on Monday, December 9, and Jaxie decided to wear her grandmother’s favorite chemo hat.

In her caption, Mackenzie shared that Angie was excited to watch her grandchildren in their Christmas program. But this year would mark the first time that she would not see her grandkids perform.

The image showed Mackenzie, her dad Brad Douthit, and her kids sitting on a carpeted staircase. Eight-year-old Gannon sat on his grandfather’s shoulders, while 5-year-old Jaxie sat on both her mother and Brad’s laps. Mackenzie leaned in on her dad’s shoulder while her son hugged her head. The family looked content as they smiled for the camera. Little would one know that they are a grieving family.

In fact, Gannon and Jaxie looked particularly sweet. The little boy wore a black shirt, jeans, and some boots. Jaxie, on the other hand, wore a snowflake-printed blue dress, complete with a festive penguin and red beanie. The dress had a fancy red bow at the neckline.

It also seems as if Jaxie wanted to keep her “Grangie” close. She wore Angie’s red chemo hat that matched her outfit perfectly. It seemed as if she found a way to bring her grandmother’s spirit to the concert after all.

There has been a mass outpouring of support for Mackenzie and her family. Her sisters and brother have been inundated with messages of condolences and sympathy. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the images that Mackenzie posted would elicit a flood of responses from her fans.

Mackenzie has more than 881,000 Instagram followers. Many also followed her mother’s story on the social media platform. Angie used to post daily about her battle with brain cancer and would always include a Bible verse for the day. Now that it was Mackenzie’s turn to receive, her followers were generous with messages of encouragement.

“Oh my heart, such a precious family moment.. I’m glad that you all made it, your Mom would have wanted it that way.. Sending your family much love,” one fan let Mackenzie’s family know.

“God bless you Mackenzie. I can’t even imagine your heartache. I’m going to miss your moms daily posts so much. She was a light in this dark world. Prayers are with you,” another said.