Australia Now Has Unicorn Vodka And Gin That Changes Color When Mixed

For unicorn fans in Australia, the country is now a brighter place with the arrival of a very special brand of vodka that not only changes color but has edible glitter to make all of your Christmas drinks just perfect.

According to the Australian radio station KIIS, the color-changing unicorn vodka is manufactured in Canberra by a company called Unicorn Spirits. And, for those who do not like to drink vodka, the company also produces a gin version. The spirits come in natural flavors or, alternatively, there are passionfruit, pineapple, and mango flavors. In addition, KIIS notes that there are also two new flavors of strawberry and salted caramel to try this festive season.

Besides the novelty of the color-changing aspect of the product, the spirits also contain edible glitter that makes your mixed drinks sparkly as well as impressive.

For those who are wondering how this product changes color, Good Food points out that the reaction is a result of using a naturally occurring substance obtained from the butterfly pea flower, which is organically grown in Queensland. This plant is known to be PH-sensitive and will change color when it comes in contact with anything that is acidic.

“Butterfly pea flower is PH sensitive, so any time you mix anything acidic with the drink, it will change colors throughout the spectrum,” said Ben Osborne, creator of Unicorn Spirits.

“If you add bicarb soda [baking soda], it will start to go green and then yellow. But if you add lemon or lime it will go purple to pink.”

In addition, the edible glitter is also a naturally occurring substance, being nothing more than ground-up pearls. It is this same product that is used to make glittery icing for cakes and other bakery goods.

Butterfly pea flower has developed into both a tea and a syrup previously, so the advent of an alcoholic beverage should come as no surprise. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, this is not the first time that the flower has been used in alcohol. In the U.S., Luna Sea Vodka is available at some outlets and restaurants. However, the Unicorn Spirit version has upped the game by adding sparkle to its vodka and gin for the full unicorn experience.

So, if you are wondering what to get that unicorn fan who has everything, it might be time to order a bottle of color-changing glittery booze this year.

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