‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers Tease Answers Are Coming For Franco & Elizabeth

Matt PetitWalt Disney Television

A new sneak peek filled with tantalizing General Hospital spoilers has been released, revealing that this week is going to be a crazy one. Viewers know that Franco is ready to undergo the procedure that will hopefully restore his memories, and this new clip gives fans a sense of where things are headed next.

General Hospital spoilers from the post shared on the show’s Instagram page reveal that Andre apparently will make it to GH and be able to do the procedure on Franco. This is good news, as Peter was trying to have one or both of these men eliminated in order to prevent this from taking place.

Elizabeth, Cameron and Scott will be gathered at General Hospital as they wait for the procedure to happen and for Franco to regain consciousness. Spoilers note that Cam and Liz will once again talk about Franco’s last comments before receiving Drew’s memories, seemingly reassuring both of them that this was the right path.

After the procedure, Elizabeth will lean over Franco and talk about how much she loves him. General Hospital spoilers share that Cameron will notice Franco’s eyes start to flutter slightly as he begins to regain consciousness. Liz will be desperate to see whether it’s Franco or “Drew” who responds to her.

Fans know that this procedure was a risky one for Franco because there was no guarantee he’d emerge with his own memories. It was possible he would keep Drew’s memories and they would be even stronger. It was also possible that he could have ended up in a vegetative state.

How does this procedure turn out for Franco and Elizabeth? General Hospital spoilers shared by Soap Central don’t reveal much at this point. Early this week, Liz will be asking plenty of questions. Clearly, this will be closely connected to the procedure being done and Franco regaining consciousness.

Next week, Franco will feel devastated. Even if the procedure is successful and he regains his true memories back, there are plenty of reasons why this would be a difficult adjustment for him in the weeks ahead.

The real Drew is missing and presumed dead, and this will be news for Franco. Mourning Drew’s death and knowing that he had Drew’s memories and chose to do a procedure that would wipe them away forever will likely be a lot for Franco to cope with as he tries to catch up.

Fans are hopeful that, ultimately, Elizabeth and Franco can reunite as he heals and puts this behind him. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will be an emotional and trying process, but that, eventually, the couple will be back on a happier path together.