‘Siesta Key’ Fans React To Season 3 Trailer Featuring Juliette Porter’s ‘Bachelorette’ Boyfriend Robby Hayes

Siesta Key fans have some strong opinions about a surprising new cast member. The MTV reality show, set to premiere its third season on January 7, released its long-awaited Season 3 trailer that is dominated by new cast member Robby Hayes. But not everyone was happy to see the handsome reality TV veteran on yet another show.

In the Siesta Key trailer, Robby makes his debut as Juliette Porter’s new man, following her drawn-out breakup with co-star Alex Kompothecras last season. However, her friends are not happy to see her hooking up with another reality TV bad boy. Robby Hayes is best known for his stints on Jojo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette and ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise where he dated multiple beauties. He later turned up on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules to woo Scheana Marie.

In the new Siesta Key promo, Juliette’s protective friend Chloe Trautman makes her disapproval of Hayes clear.

“Robby’s just moved in, and everyone can see right through him…except for Juliette,” she says.

The trailer then shows Robby surprising Juliette with a trip to Greece as her friends – and even her ex — warn her that he’s bad news.

“The guy you’re with is a b*tch,” Alex tells Juliette in one scene.

The expected tears and screaming ensue as Juliette later tells her friends they should be happy for her. Meanwhile, Robby asks Juliette if she trusts him.

Unfortunately, reality TV fans don’t exactly trust Robby. In the comments section to an Instagram post of the trailer, Siesta Key fans expressed disbelief over 22-year-old Juliette’s hookup with the 30-year-old Bachelorette veteran.

“Juliette. Are u dumb!!!! Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” one follower wrote.

“He is so thirsty for reality TV,” another wrote of Robby. “Hooking up with Scheana, trying to get on Vanderpump now this? Lame.”

“And here we gooooooooo,” a third follower wrote. “I told you there Robby guy was dating Queen Juliette just to be in the show. He’s a clout chaser.”

And in a brutal clapback, one Siesta Key watcher added, “Robby is like the herpes of reality TV.”

Of course, fans don’t have to worry too much about Juliette and her questionable judgment when it comes to men, according to People Magazine. While she was romantically linked with Robby “briefly” earlier this year, the two broke up later in the summer. Their breakup will be documented on Siesta Key Season 3.

In August, as filming for Siesta Key’s third season wrapped and her romance with Robby was presumably in the books, Juliette described the new season as “too much.” It’s not hard to see why.

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