WWE News: Pioneering Diva Says It’s ‘Hurtful’ Not To Have Been Invited Back To Company

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Former WWE Women’s Champion Victoria is one of the most successful female performers in the company’s history, but she hasn’t been invited to return for special shows since she left the company in 2009. During a recent episode of the Chasing Glory podcast, Victoria shared her thoughts on WWE’s decision to ignore her, revealing that it’s “hurtful.”

As quoted by Ringside News, the former Women’s Champion tries not to let the negativity get to her, but she is upset that her contributions to WWE apparently mean nothing to the company these days.

“I did my job, and when I go to Comic-Con and Wizard World and they tell me that I should be in the WWE Hall of Fame, that is when I know I did my job. I know that I am a nice person. Candice Michelle asked me whether I was at the Raw Reunion and I said, no. She said that it broke her heart that I wasn’t there. Your friends were all the girls that were brought back, and then you [Lilian Garcia] texted me saying, ‘Don’t take it personally. We all love you.'”

Victoria also recounted a story of being in a WWE arena to watch the first ever women’s ladder match. The camera crew immediately recognized her and told her to go backstage, only to inform her later on that company officials weren’t letting anyone into the locker room.

Victoria subsequently voiced her sadness on social media, which she believes could have led to her jeopardizing any potential return down the line. However, she says she shared her frustration online because she was “hurt,” and since then she hasn’t felt worthy enough to be a part of the company.

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Victoria also believes that her decision to join TNA Impact in 2009 may have upset Vince McMahon and WWE officials. During the interview, she recalled wanting to leave WWE while she was still at the top of her game. She planned on retiring from wrestling afterward, but TNA’s strong portrayal of women wrestlers sold her on the company.

Victoria’s time in WWE saw her involved in several groundbreaking moments for women’s wrestling, including a critically acclaimed hardcore match against Trish Stratus at Survivor Series 2002. As she told The Inquisitr last year, the company wanted her to bring some credibility to women’s wrestling at the time, which was refreshing since the division wasn’t given a strong focus during her time there.