‘One Piece’ Episode 914 Preview Hints At Major Clash In Wano

The upcoming episode of One Piece, which is titled “Finally Clashing! The Ferocious Luffy Versus Kaido!,” is expected to feature the start of the much-awaited battle between Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Beast Pirates captain, Emperor Kaido. In the preview for One Piece Episode 914, an angry Luffy is set to engage in an all-out fight against Emperor Kaido after the latter attacked the ruins of Oden’s castle where his crew and other allies are currently residing.

“Oden castle has been wiped out in an instant. It is unknown whether everyone is dead or alive. After learning even Otama has been attacked, Luffy reaches the breaking point and makes a mad dash for Kaido. With the memories of his friends in mind, Luffy’s all-out attack blasts. A blistering battle in which neither side gives an inch starts.”

When Emperor Kaido appeared in his dragon form in the Land of Wano, Luffy immediately ran toward Okobore Town to stop him from harming the people. However, after Beast Pirates Headliner Basil Hawkins gave false information about the location of Luffy and Law, Emperor Kaido suddenly changed his target from Okobore Town to the ruins of Oden’s castle.

One Piece Episode 913 featured Emperor Kaido launching a powerful fire blast against Luffy’s allies at the ruins of Oden’s castle.

In the final scenes of One Piece Episode 913, it appeared that the members Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates who are at the ruins of Oden’s castle were caught by Emperor Kaido’s ferocious attack. However, as revealed in the preview, it remains unknown if Luffy’s allies took a direct hit, and there is a strong possibility that they are still alive. Still, Luffy assumed that their allies were annihilated.

Without a second thought, Luffy rushed toward Emperor Kaido’s location to avenge his crew. As soon as he got near Emperor Kaido, Luffy quickly prepared to launch a powerful attack. One Piece Episode 914 showed Luffy using Elephant Gun against Emperor Kaido. Though Luffy’s attack managed to send the huge dragon to the ground, it won’t likely be enough to completely defeat one of the Four Emperors of the Sea.

Like Emperor Big Mom, Emperor Kaido has a formidable defense and his skin can’t easily be penetrated. There are only a few people who have managed to put a scratch on Emperor Kaido’s body, including the late Lord Kozuki Oden. In order to have a realistic chance of beating Emperor Kaido, Luffy will need to at least use his Gear Fourth or to learn Awakening.

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