WWE News: Former ‘NXT’ Star Quits Wrestling, Gets Told To ‘F*k Off’ By Cryme Tyme Member

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Shad Gaspard, a former WWE superstar who was one half of the Cryme Tyme tag team, took to Twitter this weekend to respond to a expletive-filled tweet posted by Jordan Myles.

Myles — who is now known as ACH — took to social media over the weekend and announced that he was quitting pro wrestling. The former NXT star also lashed out at the fans and his colleagues in the industry, which prompted Gaspard to respond with a scathing reply.

“If all you can do is bad mouth & talk down people and the business after people have gone out of there [sic] way to understand & help you then f*k off. Talent gets you so far in life, but it’s obvious your character is one of an attention seaking [sic] a** who wants sympathy while burning others. Grow up and understand the world doesn’t revolve around you. This business as well as life doesn’t cater to one individual, so either suck it up and do something or shut the f*k up, cause this bipolar crying sh*t is getting old.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Myles was released from WWE after posting a video on social media where he accused the company of racism and announced that he was quitting. The drama stemmed from a t-shirt design which the former superstar deemed racially offensive. Since then, he’s been released from his contract.

As The Inquisitr noted back in October, Myles also called out the alleged racism in his former company, Ring of Honor, and he also referred to Jay Lethal as an “Uncle Tom.” According to Myles, Lethal doesn’t use his influence to elevate his fellow African American performers, which makes him complicit in their mistreatment.

Shad Gaspard takes out John Morrison

Gaspard joins a growing list of superstars — including Booker T — who have been critical of Myles’ recent behavior. It remains to be seen if the former NXT star will stay retired from the world of sports entertainment, but his outbursts have given him the reputation of being someone who is difficult to work with.

Myles isn’t the first superstar to accuse WWE of racism, however. The company has a history of giving African American superstars insensitive gimmicks, including Gaspard. He and his former tag team partner, JTG, were portrayed as street criminals, but they did enjoy some success during their brief run in the company.

However, Gaspard’s Twitter post suggests that his WWE experience was much more positive than Myles’ and that he is grateful for the opportunity he received from the company.