‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Is Buying Christmas Trees For Those Who Can’t Afford One

Charles SykesBravo

It’s the season of giving, and Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is definitely doing his fair share. The 40-year-old is offering to buy a Christmas tree for anyone going through tough times and cannot afford one. On December 5, Jax tweeted out some advice to his followers, suggesting everyone buy a little something for themselves while Christmas shopping, and a response he got two days later sparked something in him. A Twitter user let Jax know that some people can’t even afford a Christmas tree, let alone a gift for themselves, and Jax wasn’t going to let that slide.

He asked the user to direct message him so he could send them a tree for the holidays. The two got in touch, and Jax shared a screenshot of their conversation, noting that his new friend would be getting her tree delivered to her on December 12. Soon, other people began responding to Jax and he started to ask those people to direct message him so that he could help them out as well. After being flooded with responses, Jax shared another post in response to a fan, saying that if they were being honest and needed one, he would send it.

The reality star noted that his wife, Brittany Cartwright, has made him a much better person after some of his followers suggested he was misunderstood on Vanderpump Rules. The duo recently hosted a large Thanksgiving dinner at their California home, which was attended by many of Brittany’s Kentucky family.

After engaging with some Twitter users, Jax took his kindness over to Instagram late Saturday night and let his followers on that platform know the same deal.

“First of all, happy holidays! Second, if you are going through a tough time and don’t have the funds for a tree, message me and I would love to help you out. We should all have a tree at Christmas. Here’s the catch, you ready…….you have to send me a pic of it on Christmas day,” he wrote.

In the caption of his post, Jax reminded his followers that only people who were being honest and really needed a tree should get in contact with him.

“If you don’t need one but a friend does, message me. I am so blessed you all watch our show, I wish I could do more!!” he added in a comment.

Vanderpump Rules cast member James Kennedy commented under the post, saying what his co-star was doing was “inspiring.” Jax began engaging with some fans in need of a tree in the comments section, while dozens of other commenters thanked the reality star for being so giving during the holiday season.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 debuts January 7, 2020 on Bravo.