Inside Leah Messer’s Attempt To Recruit Rachel Chitwood Into Alleged ‘Cult’ MITT: ‘She Got Mad & Became Mean’

Leah Messer recently attempted to recruit a woman named Rachel Chitwood into the alleged “cult,” MITT, also known as Mastery in Transformational Training. The drama escalated to the point where Teen Mom 2 co-star, Kailyn Lowry, stepped in to intervene. Since then, Radar Online has revealed new information about the exchanges between Leah and Rachel.

According to Rachel, she reached out after seeing an Instagram Live video where Leah encouraged interested people to leave their number with her. Rachel obliged and got a call from the reality TV star on December 1.

“She had called but it was from a blocked number…. And we brought up the conversation about how people thought it was a cult,” explained Rachel.

“It’s not a cult,” insisted Leah, after they joked about it being one.

Rachel also noted that the purpose of the program seemed fuzzy to her, even after speaking with Leah on the phone.

“She would tell me there was training and they train you to be the best person you could be, but she wasn’t telling me how. She wasn’t going in depth with anything. It was about $600,” she noted.

And apparently, when Rachel revealed that she didn’t have the funds to afford an MITT event in January 2020, Leah “got mad and became mean.”

Rachel also revealed that Leah said the purpose of the program is to change the world for the better, although again, the exact ways in which this is achieved remain mysterious.

According to GQ, the organization is a “cult of betterness.”

In addition, Rachel added more about Kailyn’s role in the process. Apparently, Kailyn reached out to Rachel after she posted an update to Instagram about MITT and tagged Leah.

“Kail tried warning me and I kind of blew her off about the whole thing,” she admitted, adding that she later had to apologize as she realized the severity of the situation.

Of course, Rachel is seemingly okay with being open about the situation with the press.

Kailyn, on the other hand, is apparently keeping her friendship with Leah intact through the ordeal.

As previously described by The Inquisitr, the MITT organization has been accused of brainwashing people and sexually abusing members. There was a lawsuit brought against the leader in 2017 making these claims, although the case has since been dismissed.

The insiders alleged that they were forced to give up their purses and cell phones throughout training sessions. They weren’t allowed to speak unless given permission, and apparently, further rules restricted food and drink consumption in the room.

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