A Heartwarming Video Shows An Amazon Delivery Driver React To A Treat Left For Him By A Homeowner

As the Christmas season quickly approaches, delivery drivers are faced with heavier work loads as customers are doing more and more of their holiday shopping online. A family in Middletown, Delaware, decided to show their gratitude for the delivery drivers paying them a visit this holiday season. Their gesture of kindness caused one Amazon delivery driver to break out into a happy dance, according to Yahoo News.

A homeowner named Kathy Ouma knew that some overworked and hungry delivery drivers would likely be stopping by her home to deliver packages. Thus, in the spirit of the holiday, she left a basket of goodies out on the front porch for them. The basket contained a variety of cookies, chips, crackers, water bottles, and sodas.

Along with the basket was a note that read, “UPS, USPC, Amazon, FedEx, please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy.”

The surprise absolutely delighted Amazon delivery driver Karim Ahmad-Reed when he came across it. As captured on the family’s Ring doorbell, Ahmad-Reed sat a package down on the porch before noticing the note. He then goes over to read it and audibly voices his appreciation.

“Oh this is nice. Wow this is sweet,” he can be heard saying.

He then carefully selects a few snacks before breaking out into a dance while walking back to his vehicle.

When Ouma saw Ahmad-Reed’s joyful reaction, she posted it on Facebook to help bring a smile to others.

“THIS made my day! I put goodies out every year,” she wrote.

The video quickly went viral and Ahmad-Reed was later tracked down to provide a comment.

“I forgot my lunch that day and was hungry and a little dehydrated,” he said of his reaction to finding the goodies.

When the video was first posted online, he had no idea that it would go viral or that it would bring joy to millions of people around the world. He emphasized that he was just doing his job but is happy to be the one causing others to laugh.

“I’ve seen with snacks at the door for drivers. She’s a jewel and great human being. I am grateful to have brought her some happiness, as she has to me. The world needs more love,” Ahmad-Reed said.

This is a much needed positive story regarding delivery drivers, as so many focus upon porch pirating this time of year. As The Inquisitr previously reported, an Amazon delivery driver was actually caught on video stealing an owner’s package in 2017.

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