Ryan Reynolds Enlists Peloton Ad Actress For Hilarious Aviation Gin Commercial

Ryan Reynolds did his part to help the actress from a viral advertisement become known for being more than the “Peloton wife.” According to E! News, the female star of the infamous Peloton exercise bike commercial made an appearance in a new commercial for Reynolds’ liquor brand, Aviation Gin.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a holiday-themed ad for Peloton’s high-tech stationary bikes was met with massive online backlash. In the clip, a husband gives his wife one of the expensive exercise bikes as a Christmas gift. She then documents her experience working out on the bike over the course of a year. Some critics of the advertisement have deemed it sexist and complained that it promotes an unrealistic body image. It’s been pointed out that the woman in the commercial is already thin, so the gift of exercise equipment seems to suggest that her husband wants her to lose even more weight.

The Peloton commercial actress receives a compliment on her fit figure in a follow-up ad for Reynolds’ Aviation Gin brand. However, she’s not sweating it out during one of her early morning riding sessions. Instead, she’s seated at a bar with two female friends.

In the video, which Reynolds shared on his Twitter page, holiday music plays in the background as the brunette star stares straight ahead with a slightly dazed expression on her face, a female friend seated on each side of her. There’s a long awkward silence, which she eventually breaks by commenting on the drink in front of her.

“This gin is really smooth,” she says.

Her friends agree, and they offer to get her another drink.

“You’re safe here,” one of her drinking companions assures her.

After sharing a toast “to new beginnings,” the Peloton ad actress tips back her martini glass and downs her drink. She happily accepts a full glass from one of her concerned pals.

“You look great by the way,” her generous friend tells her at the end of the clip.

According to the New York Post, the internet has been obsessively trying to identify the woman in the Peloton ad ever since it went viral. So far, no one has revealed her name, but many of Reynolds’ Twitter followers applauded the Deadpool star for giving her another gig.

“Not only is this a brilliant ad, you did that actress a solid. You are a gentleman and a scholar, Ryan Reynolds. Well, that, and an alcohol distributor. And a cell phone service provider. You aren’t planning a Mars colony, by any chance?” tweeted one fan in response to the gin commercial.

“Damn, Reynolds, nice triple play: sell gin, be funny, help an actress’s career survive unexpected virality,” another fan wrote.

While the Peloton ad actress’s name still remains a mystery, some of Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter followers recognized one of the other ladies in the ad, identifying the woman on her right as America’s Next Top Model contestant Mercedes Scelba-Shorte.

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