Lisa Vanderpump Would ‘Rebuild’ With Denise Richards, Calls Her A ‘Nice Woman’

Lisa Vanderpump is retired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the time being, and she doesn’t appear to want to mend any fences with some of her former longtime friends. The restaurateur did admit, however, there is one woman still on the cast who she would have liked to have rebuilt things with, either during or after filming. Lisa recently caught up with Us Weekly and admitted she wished she could have worked things out with Season 9 newcomer Denise Richards.

“With Denise, I really don’t know her very well, she was always really quite nice to me. I heard — I didn’t watch the show — that she got caught up in nastiness against me at the end or whatever, but I didn’t have a relationship with her prior to the show,” Lisa explained.

Denise and Lisa grew their relationship slowly over the first couple of episodes of Season 9, even engaging in a one-on-one lunch where the latter gifted the former with some very expensive pink vases. While the two women never had a falling out with one another, Denise did agree with some of the other women on the cast regarding the allegations made against Lisa and selling the Puppy Gate story to the press.

“I really wanted to rebuild it with Denise. I’m sure she’s a very nice woman,” the 59-year-old later said.

Lisa has not ruled out returning to RHOBH in the future completely, but she did note that it’s definitely not the right time for her to be returning anytime soon.

“Bravo, even you know, said to me, ‘What about in the future?’ I’m like, This is now,” Lisa told Us Weekly. “And that’s then. I’m really in a different place in my life now.”

The restaurateur is still very much a part of the Bravo life, producing and starring on Vanderpump Rules, which will debut its eighth season in January. Lisa was welcomed to the BravoCon stage last month with a rousing round of applause from the audience when she made a surprise appearance on the mega-sized episode of Watch What Happens Live. The RHOBH ladies were also there but she made a swift exit before having to share the stage with them. Whether Lisa and Denise encountered one another somewhere backstage is unknown.

Denise is rumored to be at the center of much of the Season 10 drama coming up on RHOBH, so she and Lisa might have a lot to bond over off-screen — and potentially on-screen — again for a Season 11 or 12 storyline.

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