Meghan Trainor Gets Quizzed By Hilary Duff On ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’ & Freaks Out Over Meeting Ethan Craft

For the latest episode of Billboard‘s celebrity game show, “Quizzed,” Hilary Duff finds out just how big of a fan Meghan Trainor is of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Trainor is a die-hard Lizzie McGuire fanatic, which is why the “Lips Are Movin'” hitmaker was put to the test by Duff, who played the lead role in the hit show.

The questions were asked in three different rounds, and Meghan proved to know her stuff. The duo laughed over scenes and each other’s Italian accents which Hilary had learn for the film.

At the very end, Duff gifted Meghan an official Lizzie McGuire drawstring bag that had the cartoon Lizzie character on it. Inside the bag was a black head mic that was similar to the one Lizzie used when she sang in the film.

However, the highlight of the 13 minute video was yet to come.

Clayton Snyder, who played the role of Ethan Craft, came to join the two of them with a plate of spaghetti — his meal of choice on Lizzie McGuire.

“Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. I hope your day is proceeding with fineness,” he said as he entered the room.

“And if it wasn’t, here’s a plate of the best food in the world, spaghetti,” Snyder continued.

Trainor instantly fangirled and started to freak out.

“Oh my God. It’s Hot Ethan,” she said as she clutched her bag.

“You’re so handsome still. You guys aged so well. You look like Hercules!”

Meghan started to get emotional and had to stop herself from crying.

Hilary admitted that she hadn’t watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie since the premiere in 2003. Because the role of McGuire was such a big part of her life, the actress explained needed to take a break from the character.

She recently re-watched the film with her son Luca and fiance Matthew Koma.

“[Luca] was in and out, but my future husband, he loved it the most,” Duff remarked, referencing Trainor’s hit song “Dear Future Husband.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lizzie McGuire is set for a return next year. In a recent interview, Hilary revealed some more exciting details on what fans can expect.

She announced that the cartoon character of Lizzie will remain the same and will serve as the comedic relief for the show. She also stated that her character is not currently engaged to Ethan Craft. The “So Yesterday” songstress didn’t confirm or deny if Lizzie’s BFFs, Gordo and Miranda, will make an appearance.

At the end of October, Duff announced that they had started shooting the new series in New York.

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