Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewald Rock Wacky Wigs In Anna’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Photos

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, didn’t just wear some of the most outdated clothing they could find to their family’s second annual ugly Christmas sweater party. In a photo shared by Anna Duggar, Jessa and Ben are pictured wearing wigs that take their looks to the next level.

On Monday, Anna posted a slideshow of festive family photos on her Instagram page. Her collection of five snapshots was taken during the Duggars’ big holiday bash, and it included a picture of Jessa and Ben sitting on a couch with a few of their family members. Everyone was clad in their holiday worst, but the two were the only members of the group rocking wigs. Jessa had her long, caramel-colored tresses hidden underneath a dark blond wig. The fluffy, ear-length hairpiece featured abundant curls, and it had been styled to look a bit outdated.

For the rest of her holiday party look, Jessa put together a frumpy ensemble that consisted of a faded red skirt, an oversized white collared shirt, and a red-and-green sweater vest. She had her daughter, Ivy Jane, sitting on her lap, so the tot was blocking the vest’s design from view.

Ben’s dark brown wig also had a retro look. It was designed to look like a mullet hairstyle with thick feathered bangs and long hair in the back that curled up around the Duggar husband’s ears. He opted to forgo wearing holiday colors, choosing instead to don an ’80s-style black-and-purple patterned sweater.

Ben and Jessa’s ugly Christmas sweater party looks can be seen in the fourth photo below.

As you can see, Ben and Jessa weren’t the only members of the family who decided to wear wigs to the holiday event. Josh and Anna Duggar’s oldest child, 10-year-old Mackynzie, is pictured rocking a curly red wig in the first slideshow photo.

In the comments section of Anna’s post, her Instagram followers offered their opinions on which party looks they liked best. Michelle Duggar’s red “Fleece Navidad” sweater with a picture of a sheep proved to be popular. One fan asked Anna where her mother-in-law got it, and she revealed that it was a Goodwill find. Others loved the “Fa La La” sweatshirt that John David Duggar’s wife, Abbie, was wearing. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Abbie got to attend the Duggars’ first ugly sweater Christmas party last year. The family turned the event into a contest, and John David’s outfit won first prize.

Anna didn’t reveal whether there was a similar contest this year, but there were clear winners in her Instagram followers’ eyes — Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s wigs were getting the most love from her fans.

“The wigs are the best part lol!” wrote one fan.

“The wigs are a riot up on you and Ben, @jessaseewald!” read another comment.

“Those wigs are great, they’d definitely be costume contest winners,” a third fan remarked.

“How adorable! I’m dying of laughter with those wigs especially Jessa,” a fourth admirer wrote. “Hilarious! What a great tradition.”

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