Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Tease Big Future For Nina & Ava Pairing As They Target Valentin & Nikolas

Valerie Durant/Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television/ABC

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital threw together some unusual character pairings and fans were loving it. While Ava and Nina have had a rocky relationship in the past, things shifted when Nina visited Ava at Shadybrook and spoilers hint that this pairing could prove to be quite powerful.

Things are definitely getting complicated as the battle over the Cassadine fortune escalates. Jax and Nina have shared some secrets with one another, while Jax, Nikolas, and Hayden have been working together.

Valentin thinks he’s managed to repair his relationship with Nina, but she’s intent on taking him down. Now, Nina’s visit to Ava has added another intriguing twist to all of these overlapping partnerships and secrets.

Nikolas had drugged Ava and visited her in hopes of finding out where the portrait of Helena was. He was partially successful, but he did not realize he left his ring behind.

Nina then decided to pay Ava a visit in hopes of acquiring the same kind of information. What she found upon her arrival was that Ava was in an alarming condition.

Ava talked about the ghost of Nikolas visiting her and essentially torturing her psychologically. Then, before she left, Nina found Nik’s ring. Interestingly, she didn’t struggle much to piece things together and speculate that Nikolas is still alive and was physically in Ava’s room.

What will Nina do with this information? She told a sluggish, out-of-it Ava that they would partner together to take care of the manipulative Cassadine men. Available General Hospital spoilers suggest that they will do just that.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Trina will be working at the gallery on Friday. Both Nikolas and Valentin snuck around trying to find the portrait. They encountered one another and fought, without Valentin realizing it was Nik, and then everybody left empty-handed.

It seems likely that viewers will see Trina with that portrait during the next show. Nina will consider a new business partner during the next show as well, which is almost certainly related to her visit to Ava.

In the days ahead, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will spark some curiosity from Carly and something stuns Nina.

During the week of December 16, General Hospital spoilers detail that Jax will be surprised, Nina will uncover the truth, Valentin will be thrilled, and Ava will be unbothered by something. Soon after all of that, Ava will be prepared and waiting for someone, while Nina will end up confronting Obrecht.

Ava is in rough shape at the moment. However, that may shift relatively quickly as she talks with Nina, clears her head, and comes to believe that she has an ally and that Nikolas really is in Port Charles.

Nina has already been intent on destroying Valentin and she’s admitted that to Jax. At some point, it seems likely that Jax and Nina will realize that they both know that Nikolas is in town. General Hospital spoilers seem to signal that Valentin will remain unaware of much of this for now.

Fans seem enthusiastic about seeing Ava and Nina working together and General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get pretty wild on this front over the next two to three weeks.