New ‘Wolverine’ Image Shows Blood-Soaked Claws, Trailer Release Date Confirmed

The Wolverine shots

The Wolverine director James Mangold has definitively confirmed the trailer’s release date on Twitter. As sort of a bonus, we’ve also received a new image of the character, claws out, covered in blood.

Believe it or not, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has been criticized throughout his various cameos and leading roles in adaptations of Marvel’s X-Men property. It hasn’t just been his hair and his often overt emo-ness that has fans upset, either. ScreenRant notes that a big part of that criticism is pointed at the fact that despite four feature films and one cameo, Wolvie has kept his indestructible claws squeaky-clean.

Enter The Wolverine, which has emerged to right all wrongs.

A recent photo from the set shows Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine wearing a sharp black suit, and reeling from what must have been an intense battle scene. In that image, his claws are absolutely dripping with blood.

Mangold and Hugh Jackman have promised in the past that The Wolverine will be more realistic in its depictions of violence, as well as more gritty and brutal overall.

“The whole point is not about violence or rating; it’s about intensity. I wanted to make a film that in a way captures the intensity of his character. One of the things that has always been a feature of Wolverine in the comics is that he has a berserker rage, that he has anger and some of his abilities are driven by something more primal,” Mangold said in a recent interview.

Sounds more and more like The Wolverine will be like Skyfall for Hugh Jackman’s Logan. Works for me.

Oh, by the way, the trailer will be released online on the 27th of March, and then with G.I. Joe: Retaliation on the 29th.

Are you looking forward to The Wolverine?