December 4, 2019
Donald Trump Uses 'Bronx Colors' Face Makeup From Switzerland For 'Rust Color' Look, 'Washington Post' Reports

Earlier this year, the White House offered an explanation for how Donald Trump maintains his deep, orange-hued facial appearance, even during winter. Amid rumors that Trump had secretly installed a tanning bed in the White House, a Trump spokesperson said that his tanned look was due to "good genes."

But on Wednesday, The Washington Post revealed what appears to be an alternative explanation for Trump's orange-tinted skin.

Based on interviews with undocumented immigrants who worked as housekeepers for the Trump family, The Post reported that Trump "slathered on" a Swiss brand of facial makeup known as Bronx Colors. The undocumented laborers were required to make sure that three containers of the "rust colored" makeup were available in Trump's bedroom at all times. Trump demanded that two of the makeup containers be full, while the third must be only half full.

The same rule applied to Trump's beloved Tic Tac candy. The housekeepers were ordered to keep two full containers of white Tic Tacs, and one half-full container, in Trump's bedroom at all times, according to the Post report.

Post reporters Joshua Partlow and 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner David A. Fahrenthold wrote that when they requested a response to details in the story from Trump administration press secretary Stephanie Grisham, she responded by slamming those details as "not only false, they are a disgusting attempt at invading the privacy of the First Family."

Grisham also called the Post reporting "fabricated tabloid trash."

Partlow and Fahrenthold also reported that the undocumented workers were regularly forced to supply Trump with new, clean shirts due to the rust-colored stains his shirts developed on their collars from the Swiss makeup.

The report also reveals that Trump favors the Irish Spring brand of shower soap. But the undocumented housekeepers were not permitted to throw away any of Trump's soap, "even if it had worn down to the tiniest sliver."

When Trump wanted something thrown away, whether it was clothing or a newspaper, he simply tossed it on the floor for the housekeepers to retrieve later, according to a New York Magazine summary of the Post story.

But rather than simply discard the used clothing, the housekeepers would often pass it on to Trump's father-in-law, Viktor Knavs, who was well-liked by the workers at Trump properties, according to The Post.

Unfortunately for Knavs, however, Trump once spotted him wearing one of Trump's red baseball caps on a golf course. An enraged Trump berated his wife's father and ordered him off the course.

"Nobody could wear the red hat but [Trump]," said one of the housekeepers, quoted in the Post report.