‘One Piece’ Chapter 965 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

The One Piece manga continues to give more intriguing information about the late Kozuki Oden and his journey inside and outside the Land of Wano. Unfortunately, it would take longer before fans know what is about to happen next as the release of the next chapter of One Piece will be delayed for a period of time. According to Otakukart, One Piece Chapter 965 is set to be officially available on December 15, while the scans are expected to be out on December 13.

The latest chapter of One Piece featured Oden and his relationship with the late Emperor, Edward Newgate, and the Whitebeard Pirates. At first, Emperor Whitebeard refused to accept Oden on his crew, believing that he’s not the type of person who would serve under someone else. Also, there’s an existing law in the Land of Wano that gives heavy punishment to citizens who leave their borders.

In the end, Oden managed to convince Emperor Whitebeard to let him and some of his retainers – Izo, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi – aboard the Moby Dick. Oden had plenty of adventures with the Whitebeard Pirates. They went to numerous countries that allow Oden, Lady Kozuki Toki, and his retainers to see things beyond their imagination. After wreaking havoc all around the world, Oden became popular and caught the attention of big personalities, including the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

While young Shanks and Buggy were reading the news about Whitebeard, Oden, and their adventures, Roger expressed a strong interest in meeting the legendary samurai from the Land of Wano. Though there is still no information about the next chapter of One Piece, it will likely feature Roger personally meeting Oden and how he managed to convince him to leave the Whitebeard Pirates and join the Roger Pirates.

In the previous flashbacks of Oden, it was revealed that he was aboard the Oro Jackson when Roger and his crew find the greatest treasure, One Piece. With the way Roger talked to Oden, it seems like the legendary samurai from the Land of Wano played a major role in accomplishing their goal. However, in those chapters, Oden was no longer with his retainers – Izo, Nekomamushi, and Inuarashi – and his wife, Lady Kozuki Toki.

After their journey with the Whitebeard Pirates came to an end, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Lady Toki might have returned to the Land of Wano, while Izo chose to stay at the Moby Dick. Before he was introduced as a retainer of Oden, Izo is known as one of the commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates.

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