Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucas’ Life Hangs In The Balance And Nikolas Visits Ava

Jacklyn Zeman and Ryan Carnes play Bobbie and Lucas on 'General Hospital'
Rick Rowell / ABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital should be another great one and fans are anxious to see what comes next. People were left with a couple of cliffhangers at the end of Tuesday’s show and it looks like some answers will come during the December 4 episode.

Brad and Lucas were both rushed to the hospital after the accident that killed Kendra. As viewers saw, Lucas was rushed to surgery while Brad seemed to be in better shape. It’s not clear yet whether both of these men will recover from the accident and fans have a hunch that Lucas may remain in bad shape for a while.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show detailed that Bobbie would make a phone call to share the news about Lucas’ accident. As Soap Central notes, it’s bad news she will be passing along, but it is likely focused on the uncertainties of his condition at this stage.

As loved ones gather at General Hospital, spoilers detail that Jordan and Chase will continue their investigation into the accident. Jordan quickly noticed that there were no skid marks from Brad’s vehicle heading into the spot of the accident. Chase talked with Julian at GH and gave off a vibe that he was already suspicious of Lucas’ father in some sense.

Fans are quite anxious to see what comes next with Lucas and Brad, especially since Brad revealed the truth about Wiley being Jonah right before the accident.

Will Lucas live and remember this confession? Will Lucas live but forget that essential detail? Could Lucas die and leave Brad on his own with this secret, facing Julian’s continued fury?

Fans also wonder how crazy things could get if Brad were to die, Lucas was to live, and Lucas remembered his husband’s confession. Would he reveal the truth or find that he also wanted to keep it hidden?


Viewers will not get all of the answers during Wednesday’s show, but they should get some sense of where things will head next.

Everybody will also seemingly see Willow tell Sasha what happened with the pregnancy test. Willow confided that a part of her wants the test to be positive, but she is worried about how Chase would react. Is there a “Chillow” baby on the horizon?

Nikolas will visit Ava at Shadybrook and shake things up with her once again. He’s desperate to get the codicil in his hands and he needs that portrait of Helena that Ava has stashed away in order to do it.

As Nik scrambles on this front, General Hospital spoilers tease that Jax will track down Valentin and confront him over Hayden’s disappearance. It looks like Wednesday’s episode will be filled with fury and worry and fans will not want to miss this one.