Megan Fox Looks Effortlessly Chic Playing Giant ‘Jenga’ While Hanging Out At LAX

Andreas RentzGetty Images

Actress Megan Fox made a rare Instagram post a little over an hour ago to update her 7.5 million followers on her travel adventures. Fox is pictured standing next to a giant tower of Jenga.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it is played by stacking numerous wooden blocks on top of one another until they create a large tower. Each player then has to pull out a block from somewhere in the tower and attempt to keep it from toppling.

According to Fox’s caption and geotag, the actress and Jenga tower are currently located at The Private Suite at LAX. The Private Suite is an exclusive private terminal at the Los Angeles airport. Anyone can become a member, but it cost thousands of dollars to pay the annual fee.

Members of The Private Suite have a private terminal where they can stay in a fancy suite and get quick and efficient TSA service without having to wait in long lines. It’s popular for celebrities, mainly because LAX offers them additional security and protection from paparazzi.

The notoriously private actress doesn’t share any details about her travel plans in her post. There is a good chance she’s traveling with her children, hence the Jenga game. Fox currently has two films in post-production — Think Like a Dog and Big Gold Brick. She might be doing further work on those films, press, or possibly traveling somewhere for the holidays.

In the photo, Fox looks effortlessly chic in a black T-shirt and black aviator sunglasses with a brow bar. Despite traveling, Fox manages to look like a supermodel out in the sunlight. Her long, brown hair looks sleek, straight, and shiny outdoors. It doesn’t appear like she’s wearing any makeup.

It’s a tribute to Fox’s enduring popularity that she could post a photo as normal as this one and still receive more than 600 comments and 150,000 likes.

“Why you always look so good?” asked one follower, shocked that Fox could look so gorgeous despite being jet-lagged.

“That’s a pretty impessive [sic] Jenga stack there, Megan. Well done,” commented another user.

A third fan was fascinated with how Fox managed to stack her Jenga tower.

“Wait, just how tall is that game of Jenga. It looks like it’s as tall as you.”

The Inquisitr previously reported on Fox’s saucier Instagram update from early November. In her older update, the Zeroville actress was sizzling hot in black, baby doll lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood.