Nathan Griffith Defends Former 'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans On Twitter After Kailyn Lowry's Tweet

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and her former co-star Jenelle Evans have had their issues in the past, including some feuds. Most recently, Kailyn tweeted to the latter's ex-husband Courtland Rogers, sparking a new feud between the former co-stars. However, Jenelle's ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith went to her defense, according to a report from Us Weekly.

It all started when Courtland, who was briefly married to Jenelle back at the end of 2012 until early 2013, tweeted that he wanted to get a divorce from his current wife. Kail chimed in and encouraged him to think things through before jumping to divorce. She urged him not to give up because it is "easier." While Courtland thanked Kail for her advice, some fans pointed out that she had been divorced herself. She acknowledged that she was being a hypocrite, but cited the fact that she has "been through it" as a reason for giving advice.

That is when Jenelle's ex-boyfriend and father of her second child jumped in and got involved in the conversation.

"Kail really?! Why get involved with an ex that obviously gets under @PBandJenelley_1 skin? You don't want the drama but then you egg on the drama,. I know Jenelle has done some sh*tty things but do you honestly have to keep it going? Not trying to be a d*ck jus speaking truth," Nathan wrote, in response to Kail's tweet to Courtland.

Kailyn, however, fired back, making it clear that her tweet "has absolutely nothing to do" with her former co-star.

Things didn't end there, though. Courtland then told Nathan that he had "no business" inserting himself into the conversation that he and Kail were having on their Twitter pages and insisted he wasn't "trying to fight."

Nathan then replied to Courtland and said he never made any "negative connotations." He then told Jenelle's ex-husband that he would "pray" for him.

Some fans were shocked that Nathan Griffith jumped to Jenelle's defense on social media, but since the former Teen Mom 2 star left her husband, David Eason, she and the father of her younger son, Kaiser, have reportedly been getting along better. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nathan took to Twitter two weeks ago to speak out about the "healthy relationship" he and Jenelle now have together. At the time, she replied to her ex-boyfriend and thanked him for being there for their son and "helping out" in recent times.