WWE News: Former Champion Says He Will Retire If Moved To ‘Raw’ Or ‘SmackDown’


Ever since NXT moved to the USA Network on a weekly basis, it is believed to no longer be less than the main roster of WWE. Many believe there are now three main roster brands and Tommaso Ciampa is proud to call the black-and-yellow brand his home, but will it always be? The former NXT Champion has revealed that he has no desire to ever leave, and if WWE makes him, he’ll simply retire from in-ring competition.

Ciampa was already a huge star when he teamed with Johnny Gargano, but he’s become even bigger since venturing out on his own. The former NXT Champion has become a true fan-favorite and one of the biggest names on the entire roster of the black-and-yellow brand, which is where he intends to stay.

At one point, it appeared as if WWE was going to move him up to the main roster in the lead-up to WrestleMania 35, but an injury brought a halt to that run. Since then, he rehabbed and returned to NXT to continue going through the roster and working toward winning the title yet again.

Many have wondered when Ciampa would end up heading back to either Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown, but it may never happen. If he has his way, he won’t ever go to the blue or red brand, but if that’s his only option, he’ll simply retire.

Tommaso Ciampa dominates in the NXT ring.
Featured image credit: WWE

On a recent episode of Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Ciampa spoke on a number of topics. As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the “Blackheart” brought up the idea of moving to another brand and told WWE officials that he simply won’t do it.

Ciampa says that he truly believes in NXT and wants to stay along for the ride “to see how far we could take it.” With the brand moving to weekly television, it has taken that next step, but he feels as if it can get even bigger and continue to grow.

That’s why he told WWE that if they try to forcefully move elsewhere, he’ll retire from the ring.

“I legitimately vocalized to them, if I have to go to Raw or SmackDown then I’m gonna retire. I would love to produce or coach or be a part of it, but there’s no way I’m taking on that load and going, ‘Yeah, I’ll just have a 6-month run and then call it quits.’ I just won’t do that. It’s not worth it to me.”

Right now, Tommaso Ciampa is chasing after the NXT Championship, which is currently held by Adam Cole of The Undisputed Era. He has his sights set on getting back “Goldie,” but he simply has no desire to chase after the WWE Championship on Raw or the Universal Championship on SmackDown.