Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Spills The Truth, But This Baby Swap Isn’t Over Yet

Parry Shen and Ryan Carnes play Brad and Lucas on 'General Hospital'
Rick Rowell / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show tease that this is going to be an intense episode. Fans have been speculating that a serious car crash might be coming, and Monday’s episode ended with just that. Not only were four Port Charles residents involved, but Brad blurted out the truth about the baby swap right before the accident. This should mean crazy things in the days ahead.

Brad and Lucas were on their way over to Sonny and Carly’s place to join them for Thanksgiving when things spun out of control. Viewers knew that Julian had messed with the brakes on Brad’s car and that Brad and Lucas would be fighting as they drove. Lucas pressured Brad to come clean about whatever he’s been hiding, and he actually did.

After more than a year of hiding it from Lucas, Brad blurted out that “Wiley” is really Jonah, Michael and Nelle’s biological son. Before anything more could be said, the men looked up to see lights shining at them, and Lucas realized the brakes weren’t working.

As viewers saw, Alexis and Kendra were on the road as Lucas and Brad approached. It seemed likely that these two groups would cross paths somehow at this point, and Monday’s episode revealed exactly how it happened.

Just before Brad and Lucas came along, Kendra laid an incapacitated Alexis out across the road. Then she detailed her plans to run Alexis over like her brother Kiefer had been by Alexis a decade ago.

Just as Kendra was gunning toward Alexis, Lucas and Brad’s car hit the same spot. The preview for Tuesday’s show reveals that both cars will be in bad shape, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are very serious injuries involved.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Julian will make a horrifying discovery during Tuesday’s show. Given where things stand at this point, it seems likely that Julian may be the first to come across the crash scene.

Julian and Neil are desperate to find Alexis, having realized who Kendra really is, so Julian may well head out to start looking for Alexis. He will be stunned to learn that his decision to mess with Brad’s car ended up putting both his son and ex-wife at risk.

Naturally, General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed specifics regarding who is hurt or what happens with Wiley now. However, there do seem to be some clues, and it looks like many throughout Port Charles will be struggling in the days ahead.

Carly’s plans will be cut short on Tuesday, perhaps due to hearing that her brother was in the accident. Sonny will be reassuring Kristina about Alexis. On Wednesday, Bobbie has awful news to share. Michael steps in to help, probably with Wiley, as Brad, Lucas, or both, are at General Hospital.


Spoilers from a recent sneak peek showed Jordan investigating something in the woods. This is probably referencing Jordan being at the accident crime scene. She will end up with some outstanding questions of some sort, which could mean that nobody involved in the accident is conscious and able to explain what happened.

Sonny will be sympathetic this week, perhaps toward Julian if Lucas is injured or even dead. Will Brad, Lucas, Alexis, and Kendra all survive this accident? At the moment, none of the four is mentioned in any General Hospital spoilers available for the next couple of weeks.

Everybody will be quite anxious to see what comes next. It seems extremely likely that Lucas will be unable to reveal the bombshell that Brad dumped on him about Jonah right before the accident.

Whether that’s because he’s alive, but gravely injured, or perhaps even dead, isn’t clear yet. It’s also possible that Lucas survives, but Brad perishes, putting Lucas in a very difficult spot about Wiley.

Will Michael soon learn the truth about Wiley being Jonah? Fans are quite anxious to see this happen. It was certainly a shocker for Brad to tell Lucas the truth during Monday’s show. General Hospital spoilers hint that there could still be some twists and turns on the way, and a lot more should be revealed during Tuesday’s show.