‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Via Reality Steve Tease More Chaos With Victoria Fuller During Peter Weber’s Season

Spoiler king Reality Steve is teasing The Bachelor fans that they should prepare to see a lot of drama from contestant Victoria Fuller throughout Peter Weber’s season this winter. Based on some of the latest teasers coming from his most recent podcast, Victoria will be involved in a screaming match with another bachelorette that occurs quite early in filming. Based on what he’s recently shared, it sounds as if this fight will definitely set a tone for the remainder of the season.

Reality Steve’s podcast shared via his blog broke down a lot of The Bachelor spoilers from Peter’s season. Victoria’s name has popped up a lot as the gossip guru has shared tantalizing teasers with fans, and now he detailed this screaming match that he had alluded to during earlier discussions.

It sounds as if there are still a few minor gaps to fill in with this heated encounter, but Reality Steve laid out what he knows at this point. He said that an individual date that Victoria and Peter have during Episode 4 of The Bachelor sets the stage for this apparent bachelorette battle.

Country singer Chase Rice performed at this individual date, and it just so happens that Chase and Victoria had some sort of romantic relationship shortly before she left home to film The Bachelor. Spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Victoria didn’t tell Peter anything about this former fling at the time of the daytime part of the date. However, she mentioned it to him to some degree later.

Victoria didn’t share that interesting tidbit with any of her fellow bachelorettes when she returned after the date though. The Bachelor spoilers suggest that she kept it to herself that she had a past with Chase, but the news did manage to spread throughout the group very soon after the date.

Reality Steve explains that contestant Alayah Benavidez is the one who shakes things up in this regard. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Peter sends her home during Episode 3, but she returns during Episode 4.

Exactly why she rejoins the show hasn’t been made entirely clear yet. However, Reality Steve notes that the fact she was eliminated and then returned is key to what happened next.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that Alayah shows up at a group date after-party of Peter’s, talks to him for a bit, and is then given the chance to rejoin the show. When she reunites with the other women, someone mentions Victoria’s one-on-one that involved Chase.

Apparently, Alayah had caught up to Reality Steve’s spoilers that were shared in real-time about this date. She had learned about the history that Victoria and Chase had together, and she mentioned it to someone else.

While Alayah seemingly didn’t realize it would be a big deal, the fact that she mentioned this Victoria and Chase situation ruffled plenty of feathers. Soon, word about this got back to Victoria, and she was furious. Reality Steve says that Victoria ended up screaming and cursing at Alayah over this, believing that Alayah had no right to tell the others that she had known Chase before filming.

Viewers will have to stay tuned to see what, if anything, Peter finds out about this screaming match. Reality Steve has teased that Alayah doesn’t stick around all that long, but Victoria is definitely one to watch. The Bachelor spoilers hint that this confrontation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this particular bachelorette, and fans will have a lot of drama to take in when the season debuts in January.

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