‘General Hospital’ Comings & Goings Tease Return Of Kristina, Nelle, & Others As Well As A Possible Death

Craig SjodinABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 2 suggest that there will be appearances by plenty of rarely-seen Port Charles residents. There are rumors that someone may be leaving the canvas as well, but so far, that one appears to mostly be speculation.

According to SheKnows Soaps, viewers will see a bit of Olivia Falconeri during Monday’s show. General Hospital spoilers tease that she will be feeling optimistic in some sense, and some viewers will likely wonder once again if this could be a hint about her son Dante Falconeri perhaps reappearing in Port Charles soon.

Kristina Corinthos-Davis hasn’t been seen in quite some time, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that this is about to change. Viewers will see actress Lexi Ainsworth return during Tuesday’s show, and she’ll be getting some reassurance from her dad Sonny Corinthos.

Bobbie Spencer will be seen midweek, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will have awful news to share. Fans suspect that this will be related to a bad car accident involving Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones, which is likely due to Julian Jerome’s move to tinker with the brakes on Brad’s car.

There is more with Kendra Lennon on the way as her battle with Alexis Davis continues. The last that viewers saw, Alexis had come to realize who Kendra really was, and Kendra had knocked Alexis out and thrown her in the back seat of her car.

Wally Kurth’s Ned Quartermaine will be involved in a discussion with Jason Morgan toward the end of the week, and there is probably chaos involving his newly-returned daughter Brook Lynn Ashton this week, too.

Dr. Andre Maddox is expected to be seen working with Franco Baldwin on the memory swap procedure. In addition, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Robert Scorpio will be popping up this week, too. He will surely have some opinions to share regarding Hayden Barnes’ sudden departure and her decision to leave Violet Finn behind.

Soap Central notes that Monica Quartermaine and Epiphany Johnson will be seen in scenes together this week, too. Fans are always thrilled to see Sonya Eddy’s Epiphany incorporated into the action in Port Charles, so these should be some great moments.

Chloe Lanier will be back as Nelle Benson this week as well. She will be getting a new roommate, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this will lead to some tense moments. Of course, viewers will also be anxious to see more of what Nelle has in store regarding her partnership with lawyer Martin Gray and her apparent marriage that fans suspect was to Shiloh Archer.

As for departures, General Hospital spoilers have hinted that someone may perish in this upcoming accident. Fans have speculated that Kendra and Alexis may end up involved in what seems likely to be a horrible wreck involving Lucas and Brad, and if so, Kendra would be the most obvious choice for being killed off.

Alexis knows why Kendra has been targeting her, and there is no real reason to keep her around much longer. However, it’s possible that the show will shake things up by going a more shocking route.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the week of December 2 will be jam-packed with major developments. Plenty of rarely-seen characters will see some action in the days ahead, and fans will not want to miss the chaos that’s on the way.