Jana Duggar Delights Fans With Organizing Tips And Tricks On Instagram

Counting On star Jana Duggar delighted her Instagram followers with some organizing tips and tricks, where she shared her tried and true methods to keep clothing clutter at bay.

As the eldest daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, and the sibling that was tasked with keeping the family clothing clutter under control as revealed in the book The Duggars: 20 and Counting, Jana has learned many methods that have worked.

With 19 children living in the Duggar home at one time in the not-so-distant past, there was always an opportunity for the issue of too much clothing to grow into a problem. Without careful organization, that problem could potentially become out of control.

In her Instagram post, Jana noted that she sometimes feels she becomes “clutter blind,” when you feel way too overwhelmed by what you have acquired. You might not know where to begin to release the items in your closet that no longer make you happy.

The reality star revealed three tactics she uses in an attempt to keep clutter at bay and shared images of each step for her followers to mimic if they choose to employ her methods.

Jana told her followers that she pulled out everything in her closet and put it into three separate piles.

One pile was for things she wanted to keep, explaining that for that group of items, she has used the piece of clothing in the past two months and “loves” it.

The second was a pile of things she wants to hold on to and sort. This is a method Jana uses if she is unsure she still wants an item. If it does not get used, it must be given away.

The final pile was for clothing items she will give away.

Jana then asked her followers, “What ways do you simplify and organize your life?”

Fans of the Duggar daughter were quick to respond in the comments section of the sequence of photos.

One fan commented on their own method of attempting to stay on top of clutter.

“At the beginning of the new year, I clean out my closet and give away a lot…turn on the hangers backward and at the end of the year when I do the cleanout, of they are still backward, I didn’t wear it so it goes!!!”

“Haha love that ‘give away’ is the smallest pile, it always happens to me too! But one step closer to a less cluttered closet 🙂 Love how humble you are,” noted a second fan of the reality star, who thought it was fabulous Jana was being so forthcoming with her followers.

“If I put something new in, I take something out,” said a third Instagram user.

It appears that Jana’s Instagram followers have truly appreciated her post. The photos have been liked almost 40,000 times and counting.

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