‘The Voice’ Fans Divided Over Which Contestants They Should Vote For From Team Kelly’s Finalists

Trae PattonNBC

Fans of The Voice are divided over which of the top 10 Team Kelly contestants they should vote for as the performers begin their journey into the final weeks of the hit NBC competition series. Viewers appear to be struggling to pick a clear-cut winner among the three who are in the top spots for Season 17.

Making it to the top 10 are the duo Hello Sunday, comprised of teenagers Chelsea and Myla, as well as Jake Hoot and Shane Q.

Each artist is distinctly different in their talents. Hello Sunday excels at pop tunes, Jake Hoot is a country artist, and Shane Q leans more toward adult contemporary music. Even though each artist brings a different skill set to the table for Team Kelly, fans are clearly divided over which should move forward into the semifinals.

Viewers are sharing their feelings on Instagram.

“Don’t Sleep on Hello Sunday. These girls are amazing,” said one fan on the show’s social media page.

A second viewer commented that Jake Hoot should move forward even though they believed that his first solid performance of the season came during the show’s November 25 episode.

A third fan was critical overall of the judges this season, remarking that Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani should be more mindful of allowing more skillful singers to move forward instead of those that appear to be most popular with the show’s viewers.

“Can the coaches start getting real @gwenstefani @johnlegend @blakeshelton @kellyclarkson and critique performances like Hello Sunday’s that are pitchy and off-key in parts. Half of their performances would not have been good enough to get a chair turn in the blinds. It’s a singing competition of voices against voices, and they keep getting pushed through because of coaches comments that they are ‘so good for their age’ when people like Myracle, are going home who are better singers.”

The aforementioned performers are up against Team Blake’s Ricky Duran and Kat Hammock, Team Legend’s Katie Kadan, Marybeth Byrd, and Will Breman, and Team Gwen’s Rose Short and Joana Martinez.

If any of Team Kelly’s members win the season, it will be the third time in four seasons she would have coached a performer that was the overall winner.

During her inaugural season as a coach on Season 14, Kelly won big alongside singer Brynn Cartelli. In Season 15, Kelly won yet again with country singer Chevel Shepherd. Kelly placed no finalists on Season 16 of The Voice.

The top 10 performers will sing tonight, and the semifinalists will be crowned on Tuesday, December 3. The Voice will then move into its final performances of the season, beginning on December 9.