‘General Hospital’ Rumors: Many Fans Believe That Shiloh Isn’t Dead After All

Shiloh Archer was killed by Sam back in September, but many General Hospital fans are convinced that he is not dead. The rumor going around is that he is in hiding and will reveal himself to be very much alive when the time is right.

Sam is currently sitting in a jail cell at Pentonville after being sentenced to two years in prison for killing the Dawn of Day leader. She was devastated by that sentence, and so was Jason. He told the judge that Sam was just trying to protect him from Shiloh, but she didn’t believe him.

Now it seems like the only way Sam will get out of her sentence is if Jason breaks her out of jail or if a miracle happens. That miracle could very well be that Shiloh never died in the first place. Soap Dirt gave out a few hints as well on why this rumor could be true.

It appears that the person that Nelle Benson is referring to as her husband is Shiloh. She was cooking up a plan with him right before he was supposedly killed by Sam in order to see Wiley and to get her hands on the Quartermaine money. She also doesn’t seem too shocked that Shiloh is dead.

Shiloh’s dead body was identified by Willow Tait, and everyone else who saw him lying on there. It almost seemed too convenient at the time, but General Hospital fans were ready to see him go. However, he could have been playing them with a little help from others. After all, there are still a few Dawn of Day members who would have been more than happy to have helped him fake his death.

As much as viewers don’t want Shiloh back after all that he did to the women of Port Charles, it may be that the writers have something else in mind. Some fans believe that this may be the only way that Sam will get out of her predicament and back with her family.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam ends up getting out of jail because it’s revealed that Shiloh is alive. Soaps love to do that,” one watcher said on social media.

Sam’s future may just depend on something drastic happening. The Inquisitr had preciously reported that there is much more to Sam and Jason’s story coming up soon on General Hospital. Whether it will include the return of Shiloh Archer has yet to be revealed.

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