Clint Eastwood Celebrates Daughter’s Wedding

Clint Eastwood

Actor Clint Eastwood was all smiles at his daughter’s intimate wedding ceremony in California over the weekend.

On Friday evening, Alison Eastwood exchanged vows with Stacy Poitras before a small gathering of close friends and family at the Saddlepeak Lodge in Calabasas. The bride and groom, who met five years ago, publicly announced their engagement last year.

Several members of the Eastwood family joined Clint his and his wife Dina in celebrating the couple’s trip down the wedding aisle. Alison’s mother Maggie, brothers Scott and Kyle, and sister Kathryn were all on hand to offer support and congratulations.

Members of the groom’s family were also in attendance, including Poitras’ three brothers — Bobby, Mark, and Matt.

The newly married couple expressed their feelings about the big day in a statement to People magazine:

“We are thrilled to be surrounded by our family for this very special day and appreciate their love and support as we begin our married life together.”

Alison was reportedly decked out in a gorgeous Les Habitudes beaded dress that was reminiscent of 1930s fashion. The happy couple were said to have exchanged wedding rings designed by Philip Press.

Clint Eastwood reportedly gave his blessing to Stacy Poitras when he followed tradition and asked for permission to wed the actor’s daughter. During an interview earlier this year, Poitras — a sculptor and artist who is part of CMT’s reality show Chainsaw Gang — recalled Eastwood’s reaction to the request:

“He looked at me for four or five seconds, which felt like 15 minutes, and then he said, ‘You’re going to have to take that up with her,'” Poitras explained to Westlake magazine. “I said, ‘Is that a yes or a no?’ And he said, ‘That’s a yes,’ and he shook my hand.”

Alison Eastwood, who followed in her father’s footsteps to become a producer and director, has reportedly referred to Poitras as her best friend and the “first man who has been the closest person to me.”

If you’d like to see Clint Eastwood’s daughter and his new son-in-law on their wedding day, a picture from the private ceremony can be found by visiting People magazine’s official website.

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