WWE News: Kane Discusses How Wrestling Helped His Political Career, Opens Up About Vince McMahon

An early picture of Kane in his original costume

WWE legend Glenn “Kane” Jacobs is primarily focused on his political career these days. He’s been the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee for 15 months, but he hasn’t forgotten about his roots in sports entertainment. During a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, by the way of Wrestling Inc, “The Big Red Machine” revealed that his sports-entertainment career helped him achieve his political ambitions.

While Jacobs highlighted how both professions are different and there has been a stigma attached to wrestling in the past, he believes that sports entertainment has been good for his profile.

“It was a part of my life that we tried to have fun with and tried to open the door. Again, if I tried to ignore it, it wouldn’t have worked so we tried to use it to open the door. But then we also need to have substance so that when I can get people to listen because of the pro wrestling thing, but I also had to make sure that I keep them listening because of what I was saying had substance.”

Jacobs also opened up about how Vince McMahon felt about his decision to become a politician. Kane is still contracted to WWE, but he revealed that McMahon was supportive of his ambitions from the outset because superstars being successful in other fields is still beneficial to the company.

Jacobs also said that McMahon just wants to see him happy because they have a personal relationship. During the interview, he said that McMahon had a “big grin” on his face when Jacobs asked for his support, as the chairman wants his long-serving employee to feel fulfilled.


The “Devil’s Favorite Demon” also noted that there is a perception outside of WWE that McMahon is cruel and takes advantage of everyone. According to Jacobs, while McMahon makes unpopular decisions for the sake of the company, he is also compassionate to a fault, as he has given countless second chances to people who have betrayed him and WWE in the past.

Jacobs is still a member of the WWE roster, but his appearances will be sporadic going forward. At 52-year-old, “The Big Red Machine” is in the twilight years of his in-ring career, so politics will be his priority moving forward.

As The Inquisitr reported this weekend, Jacobs revealed whether he’d be interested in running for president someday. However, the WWE superstar assured fans that he doesn’t have those ambitions. Jacobs believes in the importance of state and local level politics over federal, so entering White House isn’t on his agenda.