Olivia Jade And Bella Giannulli Don't Want To Talk About The College Admissions Scandal

As the college admissions scandal continues to intensify, the pressure is on for Lori Loughlin and her designer husband Mossimo Giannulli. The couple's daughters, Olivia Jade and Bella, have certainly caught some of the heat in regard to this scandal, and they have faced a lot of scrutiny in the media. It's likely because of this that they really don't want to talk about the logistics of the scandal or how they are dealing with it, according to InTouch.

Neither Olivia nor Bella have made any public statements regarding the scandal since the news officially broke. However, they appear to be standing by their parents. Sources say that the one good thing that has come out of this legal battle is that Olivia and Bella have had a chance to grow a lot closer to one another. Because they are both having to deal with the same traumatic struggles, they've been able to lean on one another. However, they aren't ready to discuss what's been going on with their friends, an inside source said.

"Olivia and Bella have been relying on each other for support throughout everything, and it's brought them very close together as sisters. They try to distract themselves by keeping busy and working out together, but they have also become more guarded in terms of who they trust and don't like talking about the whole situation with their friends. It's a lot for them to take in, and people forget how young they both were when their parents made these decisions for them. They are still young, nice girls."
It's not usual for the girls to be closed off. After all, prior to the scandal, Olivia was a YouTube star who published videos focused on everything from makeup to fashion and, of course, everyday vlogs featuring her luxurious lifestyle. She's gone off the radar, not having posted any videos in months.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Loughlin and Giannulli are in major legal trouble for allegedly paying Rick Singer, the mastermind of the scandal, $500,000 to ensure their daughters a spot at the University of Southern California. They also reportedly presented the girls as crew recruits, despite the fact that neither girl participated in the sport. Unlike many of the dozens of other parents that are wrapped up in this scheme, these famous parents didn't take a plea deal and have instead chosen to fight the charges. They could face years in prison if they are convicted.