WWE News: Dave Bautista Sends Flirtatious Birthday Message And Video To Dana Brooke

Dave Bautista mingles with WWE fans

The flirtatious exchanges between Dave Bautista and Dana Brooke show no signs of slowing down. In the latest development, Bautista took to Twitter this weekend to wish the WWE superstar a happy birthday, and the chemistry between the pair got even stronger.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor responded to a tweet by Brooke that revealed how she was thankful to the former WWE World Champion sending her a text message. Bautista’s tweet shared some details about their conversation, where he gave Brooke an answer that she’d seemingly been waiting for.

“@DanaBrookeWWE so per our conversation I’ve been in deep thought about your question, which you can tell from the photo that I’ve entitled ‘Me in deep thought about Dana’s question’ and the answer is yes. You can call me Daddy. Happy Thanksgiving”

Brooke seemed happy by the news, but she had another request for the “The Animal” involving the “piano” that was discussed during their initial exchange last weekend.

“Ok ‘daddy’ now for My bday wish & you have one hour until ya kno — so I’m expecting that video & cant wait for it! Find that piano pretty please with sugar on top!!”

The Marvel star claimed that he didn’t have access to a piano at the time, but he did share a video featuring images of himself set to the tune of Lil Wayne’s innuendo-filled hit “Lollipop.” In the photos, Bautista referred to himself as the “lollipop.”

Brooke responded by inviting the former WWE superstar to Friday Night SmackDown. While “The Animal” has officially retired from wrestling, perhaps this is a sign that he’ll make a one-off appearance on an upcoming episode.


As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Bautista and Brooke appeared to set up a date at the former World Champion’s personal gym. It remains to be seen if romance blossoms between the athletes or if they’re just being playful on social media, but the exchanges have certainly captured people’s attention.

Following last week’s announcement that Bautista was single, several other personalities offered to go on a date with the Hollywood A-lister. NXT star Taynara Conti offered to set him up with a friend, while Sarah the Rebel asked him out for a drink.

“The Animal” has no shortage of options at the moment, but Brooke appears to be the only person who’s caught his eye. Should all go according to plan, the pair could follow in the footsteps of Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins as a WWE power couple.