Emily Ratajkowski Trades In Her Skimpy Warm Weather Ensembles For Bundled Up Colder Weather Wear

Emily Ratajkowski typically likes to show off her bodacious body in all kinds of provocative outfits, from bikinis and revealing dresses to lingerie and skintight workout ensembles. However, on Saturday, the striking model was all bundled up as she switched to an outfit that was more weather appropriate than what she usually rocks at other times of the year.

EmRata stood outside on the asphalt of a tree-lined urban street with what looked like a cup of coffee in her hand for her latest Instagram update.

The sun was shining with the blue sky appearing in the photograph in what looked like a residential housing area filled with a row of apartments. Near a fire escape on the front of a shop and above its awning, and not far from an orange safety cone in a no parking zone, bundled up fir trees sat on the sidewalk. The evergreens were featured in a makeshift stand as the bunch waited to be purchased and then festively decorated for the upcoming December holidays.

As she posed for her social media picture, Emily wore a big smile on her face, showing her enviable dimples in the process. She seemed to be devoid of much makeup as she reveled in the fresh air. Her head was covered in a maroon beanie, but strands of her brunette locks had escaped the hat and were hugging her body at chest level. She rocked a long black leather or pleather coat featuring a fuzzy collar over a black sweatshirt that appeared to include a hood. She also wore black sweats and bright white sneakers, indicating that EmRata was ready to get some exercise in if that was the plan for the moment.

From among Emily's 24.8 million Instagram followers, the star received a slew of likes, including one from Khloe Kardashian. The post had been live for about four hours when 639 comments had been added to the update.

Some fans simply offered Emily emoji, including the symbols for red kiss prints, red hearts, fire, black hearts, clapping hands, lavender hearts, and heart faces. Still, others wrote messages to and about the "Blurred Lines" extra who once made a splash with Robin Thicke while wearing nothing at all except a tan G-string in his video for the hit song.

"Obsessed w your outfit," stated one admirer, who apparently likes what EmRata wears no matter how covered up she gets.

"You off to get your tree...? inquired another follower.

"Happy Weekend," said a third EmRata fan, who added two winking eye emoji to the comment.