‘The Challenge’ Season 35 Spoilers: Two Females Drop From Cast List

The cast of MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Two women have been dropped from the rumored cast list for Season 35 of The Challenge. Original spoilers indicated there were 16 females competing in the upcoming season, but that number has dropped to 14 since the show began filming. One of the biggest rumors surrounding the season was the return of Tori Hall to The Challenge, who many fans might remember as the ex-wife of Brad Fiorenza. Tori’s name disappeared from the cast list over a month ago, but a new drop is one that’s a little bit more confusing.

Kayla Fitzgerald of The Amazing Race fame apparently never went to Prague, the Czech Republic to film Season 35. The model was listed for weeks as the first casualty of the season on The Challenge Vevmo page, but it wasn’t revealed until last week that she’s actually not on the show at all. Unfortunately, this can happen when spoilers begin to spread during the actual production of a season, and not after its completion.

Popular Challenge spoiler account on Twitter, GamerVev, recently commented on the debunking of Kayla’s casting, laughing it off. GamerVev believes the women trolled people on the social media site to gain followers, but there’s no telling how these rumors really started or what went on behind the scenes.

Kayla started to get trashed on Twitter by fans of The Challenge, and now that she’s shown to not be on the show at all, fans are cracking jokes at the whole matter online.

“This poor girl got so much hate for a show she wasn’t even on…” one Twitter user wrote.

“She still had people mad tho so she a queen,” another added.

Tori’s account on Twitter is currently set to private, but her Instagram account is public despite her not posting a photo since October. This also pushed speculation that she would be appearing on Season 35 given the lack of social media activity, but it looks like that’s just not true. Kayla has actively been posting on social media since filming began.


There are 14 men also listed on the cast list at this time, and The Challenge traditionally brings on the same amount of male and female competitors, so for those holding out on Tori and Kayla’s appearances, don’t hold your breath.

Jennifer Lee is still on the spoiler cast list at this time and is also a rookie that hails from The Amazing Race. Unfortunately for her, she was the first female eliminated this season.

The Challenge Season 35 is expected to premiere in early 2020 on MTV.