WWE News: Kane Speaks On Possibly Running For President One Day


The monster known as Kane had an incredible in-ring career for WWE and will go down as one of the most iconic characters ever. As many people know, he now goes by his real name of Glenn Jacobs and is the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Since he has become more involved in the world of politics, many wonder if he has his sights on a higher office and that is why Kane is speaking on the idea of being the President of the United States of America.

Kane had an incredibly impressive career in the ring which spanned decades, but he always had a future in politics. It was quite the accomplishment when he won the election for Mayor and he’s only just really beginning his time in a major office.

Recently, The Inquisitr reported on how Jacobs believes that all the talk of the impeachment of Donald Trump is hurting the country. He believes that the Democratic Party has put so much into destroying the Republicans and Trump, they’ve forgotten about the business of the country.

That being said, Jacobs has set the bar for other WWE superstars as he and Jesse Ventura have both won public offices in the United States. Where does he go from here, though? Fox News brought up the idea of a former World Heavyweight Champion taking on a bigger office and moving into the White House.

Mayor Glenn Jacobs speaks onstage during day 2 of Politicon 2019 at Music City Center
Featured image credit: Jason KempinGetty Images

Some may look at a professional wrestler by the name of Kane and think it foolish that he could sit in a political office. The people of Knox County, Tennessee feel otherwise and think he is the best candidate to sit in the chair of Mayor and run their county with his power and knowledge.

When asked if Glenn Jacobs would look into the future and see a possible run for president, he was quick to shoot down the idea.

“I can assure you will not see me run for president because, again, I think a lot can be accomplished at the state and local levels. And I think that we often discount the importance of state and local politics because we concentrate so much on federal politics.”

Jacobs did go on to say that he doesn’t have any plans to run for a higher state office right now, but he’s not ruling it out. Kane believes that at this time, the most important thing for him is to be the best mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, and focus on doing what is best for the people living there.