WWE News: Bray Wyatt's New 'Fiend' Universal Title Is Being Sold For An Insane Price

Over the years, there have been numerous WWE superstars who have had title belts customized to be more unique to them. Since winning the WWE Universal Championship, Bray Wyatt received a new blue belt to represent Friday Night SmackDown and another more suited to "The Fiend." Now, the company is selling replica title belts to the fans that want one, but the price tag is rather insane.

If you look back over time, there have been numerous title belts totally customized to fit the holder of it. Stone Cold Steve Austin had the iconic "Smoking Skull" belt. The Rock had his version with the "Brahma Bull" championship title. The most recent one is "The Fiend" title belt, and it is extraordinarily strange.

Fans have always wanted to have replica title belts, and the truly customized versions were very popular. That will likely be the same with Wyatt's, but not everyone will be able to afford it.

On this week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Wyatt introduced the new title which reads "Hurt" across the top and "Heal" across the bottom. The center of it showcases the creepy mask that Wyatt wears to the ring when he wrestles as "The Fiend" in his matches.

During Friday night's show, Wyatt did a segment in which he introduced the new title belt that would replace the blue WWE Universal Title while he held it. It is much more fitting of the champion rather than a sparkly belt encrusted in gold and diamonds.

Obviously, it's a belt that is truly out there and unlike anything that many have ever seen in professional wrestling. As reported by the official website of WWE, it has dark black straps that add to "a championship fit for a monster."

The belt was handcrafted by Tom Savini Studios which created the mask that Bray Wyatt wears to the ring as well. Savini has done a lot in creating the sets and characters for the "Firefly Fun House" segments as well, but the company has also made replica belts for fans to purchase.

On Saturday, WWE Shop revealed that the replicas are for sale for a limited first run pre-order, and they will ship out on December 20, 2019. For those that want to get one of "The Fiend" belts for their very own, they can have one for $6,499.99.

Yes, the belt is nearly $7,000.

Each replica belt is numbered and includes a Certificate of Authenticity which will be hand-signed by Tom Savini. WWE is also claiming that since each belt is hand-crafted, there will be no two titles that are identical. Bray Wyatt has his very own version of "The Fiend" Championship belt, but fans can get one of their own if they're willing to pay the price.