‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Steps In To Help After Brad & Lucas Crash

Thanksgiving continues in Port Charles with much more drama ahead.

General Hospital star Chad Duell.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Thanksgiving continues in Port Charles with much more drama ahead.

Things are escalating the first week of December on General Hospital. It has been a long time coming for Michael to find out that Wiley is actually his son Jonah. Fans have been waiting for the moment that the truth comes out. Although that hasn’t happened yet, the time is getting closer for this baby swap storyline to end. Coming up at the beginning of the week, Brad and Lucas will be arguing in the car that Julian tampered with. There seems to be a car crash coming, and that’s when Michael is expected to step in to help out.

Thankfully, Wiley is not in the car with his parents. Michael took him to Sonny and Carly’s for Thanksgiving. The General Hospital spoilers that have been released by Soap Central indicate that Michael offers his help. The logical conclusion is that he will make sure that Wiley is well taken care of after the inevitable crash involving Brad and Lucas. Since he already has the little guy, and he is Wiley’s godfather, Michael will seemingly step up to take care of the child that is unknowingly his.

Viewers will see Lucas yell at Brad to tell him what he is keeping from him. Lucas takes his eyes off the road at that moment, and that may be when he tries to stop and realizes that the brakes aren’t working.

It’s not known how badly the men will be hurt, but spoilers also say that Bobbie will be giving out some bad news. That seems to mean that either her son or her son-in-law will come into General Hospital badly hurt. It’s not known at this time just how bad it will be. More details will emerge the week of December 2.


By the following week, Michael will be getting a helping hand, as the spoilers have teased. It could be that Willow Tait, who may very well be carrying Chase’s baby, will offer up her assistance with Wiley. She still believes that Wiley is her son, but that will all change soon.

As The Inquisitr had previously pointed out, Thanksgiving in Port Charles this year is full of drama, and there is more to come next week. The Quartermaines will be having plenty of squabbles, especially with Brook Lynn back in town. But the main focus will be on the Brad and Lucas drama, which will ultimately affect many people on canvas, especially Michael and Willow. Julian will also be hit hard when he finds out that his son, Lucas, is in the vehicle that he cut the brakes on.