Princess Beatrice & Eugenie’s Financial Future Reportedly In Question After Prince Andrew’s ‘BBC’ Interview

The royal family reacted quickly to Prince Andrew‘s BBC interview, but since his removal from his duties, there are still many lingering questions including the financial future of his two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

According to the Daily Express, it is unclear if the two women will be able to maintain their current lifestyle. Although they both have regular jobs, their income is believed to be supplemented by Andrew. In particular, the publication believes that the princesses’ living expenses have been covered by their father thus far, based on a note from Andrew’s website which reads that his “private income” helps to support his daughters financially.

This includes Eugenie’s country house at Ivy Cottage. The cottage is inside Kensington Palace and is believed to cost £182,000 annually. This equates to around $235,000, according to today’s exchange rate. On the other hand, Beatrice lives in a tax-funded apartment in St. James’ Palace.

At the moment, Princess Beatrice works as the vice president Of Partnerships and Strategy at Afiniti. Meanwhile, Princess Eugenie is a director at the Hauser & Wirth Art Gallery, a contemporary gallery, and has been working there since 2015. Previously, the princess received a degree in English and art history from Newcastle University, according to Bustle.

And while Beatrice and Eugenie enjoyed financial help from their dad, Andrew has recently lost ties with 230 charities and patronages. He made around £250,000 a year for his royal duties, which he has also lost. Plus, he is no longer associated with Pitch@Palace, even though he was enjoying some income through the organization.

According to the Daily Mail, the Pitch@Palace initiative was a big money-maker for Andrew. He apparently traveled often for it, and the publication noted that he was potentially poised to make £3.85 million recently. This was apparently for helping to bring into motion a £385 million contract over sewerage infrastructure in Kazakhstan. It sounded like Andrew made connections while working for Pitch@Palace.

Beyond this one example, entrepreneurs gave away a 2 percent equity stake in their company if they raised cash in three years of participating in Pitch@Palace.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what pans out for Eugenie and Beatrice. It sounds like the royals are sympathetic to the women, and they’re expected to continue on in their minor royal duties.

At the same time, Princess Beatrice has reportedly lost her opportunity for a lavish wedding. Princess Eugenie managed to enjoy her big day in splendor, but it looks like Beatrice will need to settle for a private event.

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