Kate Middleton Gets Heel Stuck During St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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Kate Middleton is seen by many as the embodiment of grace and beauty, but the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t too graceful during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade today in England. Middleton got her heel stuck in a drain pipe while celebrating the Irish holiday.

Middleton, who is currently pregnant, was wearing an Emilia Wickstead dress coat and a black hat for today’s festivities while Prince William was dressed in his military uniform. The two were walking the grounds at the rainy St. Patrick’s Day parade when Middleton’s heel got stuck and nearly forced her to fall.

The mishap was only a minor one, and the Duchess of Cambridge was able to dislodge her heel after a few seconds. Still, it made William, and one of the stoic British guards, crack a smile.

The media has been overly concerned with Middleton lately due to her growing baby bump, and just about everything that the Duchess does is being scrutinized. Her exercise routine, her sweet tooth, and her clothes have all made the news recently. Middleton even got some media attention for something she didn’t say.

Earlier this month, Middleton was talking to one of her fans when she said that she was excited to have a “da….” Many people are speculating that Middleton was going to say daughter but maybe she was about to say a “Doritos Locos Taco.”

We’ll never know. (It should be noted that Middleton said today that she “wanted a boy.”)

Here’s the photo of Kate Middleton with her heel stuck in a drain pipe.