Hannah Brown's Ex, Jed Wyatt, Has A New Girlfriend

Jed Wyatt, one of the most controversial figures in the history of The Bachelorette, has a new girlfriend. On Thursday, Wyatt posted a photo to Instagram in which he was cuddling up to a stunning blond personal trainer named Ellen Decker while riding a jetski. The pair spent the Thanksgiving holiday together, according to Us Weekly.

Wyatt and Decker are smiling broadly at the camera while the sun sets, picturesque scenery could be seen behind them. Wyatt is driving the jetski, while Decker is standing and hugging him from behind.

"Thanks @mastro_m for introducing me to the only person to make me smile more than riding a jetski," wrote Wyatt. He included the hashtags "sorecheeks," "sunburnt," "hotbabesonjetskis," and "jellen."

"Beyond blessed. Thank you for the endless laughter until my abs hurt," Decker commented on the photo.

The comments on Wyatt's post were mixed, with some congratulating the musician on his new love interest, while others brought up his past relationship drama and pointed out how quickly he moved on.

"She probably had a BF when she first dated you too," one user wrote.

"Moving on so quickly after a so called serious relationship/engagement. I was rooting for Jed since day one, but I'm really disheartened by the events following the engagement. Hannah really did deserve so much better than that," commented another user.

Wyatt was originally a fan favorite of Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. He was an aspiring musician who tried to woo over Brown with his guitar and vocals. It was clear that they had a major connection. Sure enough, when it came down to Wyatt and fellow contestant Tyler Cameron, Brown chose Wyatt. Wyatt proposed to her, using his guitar of course, and the pair became engaged.

Their engagement did not last long, however, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Wyatt's former girlfriend came forward to make shocking allegations against Wyatt. She explained that they had been in a relationship up until the night Wyatt left to go on the show. He had no intention of falling in love with Brown, but instead only wanted to go on the show to save his struggling music career and gain media attention. He intended to continue his relationship with his girlfriend when he got home.

His plan backfired, as Brown felt her trust in him had been broken and she ended their relationship. Fans were outraged by the way Wyatt treated Brown, insisting that she deserved better.

Since then, Wyatt has remained relatively quiet on social media, but has certainly moved on from his relationship with Brown.