Jennifer Aniston Prepares A Mexican Dish For A Special Friend On Friendsgiving

Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to show her 20.7 million followers what she made for “Friendsgiving” and for whom she concocted the special dish served the night before Thanksgiving. The Friends star made a batch of fresh enchiladas for, of all people, Jimmy Kimmel.

A look back at the discussion that happened last December explained the significance of this Mexican treat being gifted to the talk show host. That conversation happened when Jennifer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

At the time, the gabfest interviewer talked about how his guest likes to make all kinds of dishes for her Friendsgiving but that the main dish is typically turkey, which Jimmy claims is a food many Americans do not really like.

Then, he complained to his host for the past couple of years that since her Friendsgiving takes place the night before Thanksgiving, she should consider making something other than the standard dish as the main course. In effect, he suggested that he does not like to eat turkey two days in a row.

“On Thanksgiving, I cook a lot of stuff. The normal turkey, yams, sweet potatoes, the whole deal. But at your event, we have all of those things. So then I’m making the same thing everyone had the night before, again. So, in essence, you’ve turned my meal into leftovers.”

Jennifer seemed a tad insulted, asking Jimmy if he was trying to ruin her Friendsgiving by not serving the traditional feast, which, of course, includes turkey.

Jimmy didn’t really want that to happen, but he did strongly suggest that she make another sort of dish to compensate for the repeat performance of dining on turkey for the second time in one week.

Jen was miffed, in essence calling Jimmy ungrateful on a holiday when being grateful is the reason for the celebration in the first place. However, to take a stab at preserving their friendship and the meal he enjoyed at least for the company, the late-night host came up with an idea.

“I know you love Mexican food — ‘Graciasgiving’ could be a nice thing for us. If you start doing it, everyone will follow suit. Just like with your haircuts! Everyone gets the same hair.”

More than 3.6 million Instagram fans liked Jennifer’s multi-picture post which included the Mexican dish Jennifer prepared, the buffet table with a sign saying “Jimmy’s f**king enchiladas,” and a short video capturing the host’s reaction to spotting the food that was supposed to take the place of turkey.

Some 17,267 followers commented on Jennifer’s three-part social media post, including some of her Friendsgiving’s famous guests and other friends.

“I will say Jen…I loved that f*%king enchilada,” said Courteney Cox, Jennifer’s Friends co-star, who added a red heart emoji to the comment.

“What’s a ‘frolicking’ enchilada???” asked actress Rita Wilson.

“Muchas gracias. This is a tremendous victory for me and for every American who believes turkey belongs on Thursdays,” quipped Jimmy Kimmel, who was the whole reason the enchiladas turned up on Jennifer’s Friendsgiving buffet table in the first place.

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