WWE News: CM Punk Can’t Stand Hulk Hogan And Has Strong Words For The Legend

Not everyone who has been a part of WWE is going to like all others who have made their way through the company. CM Punk has only recently returned to be a part of WWE — but not in full, as he is actually working for Fox. Punk doesn’t only talk about current superstars on the promotion’s new studio show, but also legends such as Hulk Hogan. Recently, the “Straight Edge Superstar” spoke out about the Hall of Famer, revealing that he never really liked him and can’t stand him since he actually met him in person.

Hogan has made his share of enemies over the years, and there are some people who will simply never care for the former world champion. The Hulkster was even banned by WWE for a few years after getting caught making racial comments on a leaked video.

Hogan only recently returned to WWE as an ambassador, which has allowed him to host different events at times. Meanwhile, Punk is also once again associated with the company he once worked for, but he always makes certain to let the world know that he is not hired by them and that he is employed by Fox.

Punk recently spoke with Windy City Live and touched on a number of topics, including his new job on WWE Backstage. The former world champion revealed that his favorite wrestler growing up was Rowdy Roddy Piper, but he doesn’t quite care for another star from that era.

While answering a bunch of rapid-fire questions, the host said he thought that CM Punk would say Hulk Hogan was his favorite as a kid. When the host asked if Punk had met Hogan, the “Straight Edge Superstar” held nothing back.

“I was never a Hogan guy…I’ve met him and I like him even less now.”

The two shared a laugh and the host went on to say that the former WWE Champion was crushing his childhood dreams. Punk had one more thing to say about Hulk Hogan and it was a rather definitive closing to the specific topic of the “Immortal” wrestler.

“F*ck him!”

Those are some rather strong words that will likely never lead to much of anything, but it was likely quite humorous for fans of Punk. He has never been someone to hold back what he’s thinking, and that is obviously the case in expressing his strong dislike for the Hulkster.

Fox knows that CM Punk is a big draw and that he’s also well-versed in all things wrestling. That is one of the many reasons that he was brought in for WWE Backstage, but his true thoughts about Hulk Hogan will probably not make any episode of the show.

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